Top Ten Best My Mom Jokes by Muscle Man On Regular Show

I didn't make these my mom jokes. These my mom jokes are from Regular show episodes.

The Top Ten

1 You Know Who Else Is Like What's Up, Mr. President? MY MOM!


2 You Know Who Likes Special Entertainment Like That? MY MOM!

Is it bad or good - speed

3 You Know Who Else Rocks This Hard? MY MOM!

You know who else rocks this hard? Not my mom - speed

4 You Know Who Else Lifts Like A Champ? MY MOM!

I don't know why I voted for this. I guess it spoke to me. 😏

5 You Know Who Else Needs Supervision? MY MOM!
6 You Know Who Else Says "Ugh"? MY MOM!

I hate Muscleman, but this joke made me piss myself

7 You Know Who I Feel Sorry For? MY MOM!

Everyone feels sorry for their Mums!

No matter how many times I look with a different eye, I still have to reenact,
OHH! - NickXH

My mom died a week ago, so I do feel sorry for her because of what she died from. She died from alcoholism so I do feel sorry for her. She even died at a decent young age. - koopaiscute

That's messed up lol! - speed

8 You Know Who Else Has The Best Tacos In The City? MY MOM!

Well he is lucky - speed

9 You Know Who Else Messes Around A Lot? MY MOM!
10 You Know Who Else Smells Like A Pile Of Butts? My Mom!

My mom will kill me if I said this - speed

The Contenders

11 You Know Who Else Is Hot And Tares Through Stuff? My Mom!

You misspelled tears - NickXH

12 I know someone who can help................MY MOM
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