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1 Satsuki

She has a lot of good character traits, but she is sorta spoiled, well compared to me. My mom blames me for everything. - Catscatscats

Satsuki's amazing - TwilightKitsune

I watched it long ago,forgot their names.But I have given a vote to whom I don't know.Take it as the boy who was riding bicycle and after that the main character comes. - zxm

2 Totoro

Why is Totoro not first? He's chubby, fuzzy, likes to sleep, and just overall, adorable!

Totoro is big, fat and hilarious! He's awesome. - Goku02

3 Mae

I think you meant Mei. - Goku02

What if Mei was raised by the Totoros in the forest in canon just like San (Princess Mononoke) was raised by the wolf gods in the forest?

4 Granny
5 Dad
6 Kittenbus
7 Mom

Well yeah, let's restate this, I wish my mum was like her in some ways - Catscatscats

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8 Soot Balls
9 Small Totoro
10 Boy Who Likes Satsuki

Maybe I was talking about this boy.damn,man,the boy actually rode the bicycle and was searching for a person whom he barely knows - zxm

He has a name...-_- Poor Kanta. And he doesn't like Satsuki in the way you implied, he's just her kind neighbor and friend. - Goku02

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11 Medium Totoro
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