Top Ten Mysteries of Life

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1 How did we all get here

Idiots: AliensDidIt (Ancient Aliens)
Others: How did we all get here?

I would love to tell you because I’m a Jehovah’s Witness and I have the answer! Jehovah has been alive for billions and trillions of years. He decided to make another angel to have someone to talk to even though he doesn’t need anyone to be happy or satisfied. This angel is Jesus Christ, who was with Jehovah for billions of years. Well at one point, Jehovah and Jesus decided to make Earth and the universe. So from Jehovah through Jesus Christ the Earth was made with Adam and Eve as the first two people alive and making the lines of descendants up to this point!

2 How is it going to end

Who knows?
Why are people so obsessed with the end of the world.

Dark energy - Unnamed Google User Remade

Will be ANTI-CHRIST Fault. - pLix33

The most Barbaric way ever, Yellowstone Super Volcano erupts, the sun vanishes, artificial intelligence takes over, aliens find earth and are violent, Christian fruitcakes are right and it's the rapture, it ends up like the dinosaurs.

3 Why do we live

We live because Jehovah God has given us a purpose. That purpose for all mankind is to live happily and enjoy life, for he loves us and enjoys others having happiness and joy. That’s why we have flavors for food, different colors, different animals, and different races. Because Jehovah wanted us to have variety, so that we could enjoy life forever!

4 How does love work

Love is a feeling in your heart, a strong passion for someone else that you care for. Love is not focusing on the flaws, but on the good things about the person

Love never wants someone perfect, someone best... It just want someone who enters your heart and never leave - Righteous

Don't question it. We're not meant to know how love works. That's why it's such a beautiful mystery.

5 Why am I myself and not someone or something else

Then you will be someone or something else.
Have a stupid life as a tree.
Have an interesting life if you have a different personality.
Have an interesting life if you are a serpent.
Have a shorter and stupid life as a fly.
Have a short and disgusting life as an apple and you are eaten by someone you hated.
Blessed Be.

That’s just who you were born as. If you were born as someone else you could still ask the same question, so yea

6 Why do I always connect the usb cable wrong on the first try

Bad aiming I guess


7 What's the whole point of it all

To live happily and enjoy the best out of life

8 Where do we find happiness

Don't search for happiness. Happiness will find you all by itself. You just have to be patient.

There is a way to have happiness. Following Jehovah’s laws will help, if you don’t want to do it that’s fine. But if you do then visit and read the New World Translation, it has all the answers.

9 Why am I even doing this

Because you have legit questions and I want to answer them all

10 What is that mysterious noise on the microwave

What mysterious noise? The only noise I can hear is the pinging it does when your food is ready

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11 Why do people believe in Ancient Aliens?
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