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41 Angel

The Angel, his mythical flying powerful subject, my compare in Angel to Archangel Michael of Alliance Serials Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess. Archangel, sleng Angel Michael discover of his 2 mythical serial,s. Archangel, sleng Angel Michael of Xena and Hercules own excellent power.

42 Beast of Bodmin Moor
43 Jersey Devil
44 Naga

I prefer Nagas as half snake, half naga though. Rather than half human, half snake. - thelegendaries101

45 Hippocamp
46 Ziz
47 Zeus Zeus

Zeus is be mythical king of the Greek Gods. Zeus is me great power, my compare to Zeus of Zeus from serial Hercules, Episode name (Reunion) and Zeus discover by in many Episode Hercules and Zeus be in Xena: Warrior Princess, 5 Season. Xena and Hercules by culminatoin of time, and serial, s Xena and Hercules his me alliance. Zeus is powerful God.

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48 Valkyrie

Yes, Magnus Chase readers.

They are women who ride flying horses and take killed men to Valhallah (Viking heaven)!

49 Ahool

I really like ahools, they are such cool creatures, I mean who doesn't love a mix between a bat and something else. I am such a mythical creature fan. They are just so much cooler than regular animals-Eric33345

50 Hati
51 Wyvern V 1 Comment
52 Kitsune (Demon Fix)

"Need I say more? Kitsune role in all aspects"

53 Yeti

Snow man Yeti be oldest legendary biggist monkey. And I comparison Yeti for big man style monkey of serial Xena: Warrior princess, Season 4, episode The Way. Monkey Yeti man offer Xena me name: HANIMAN. HANIMAN of this episode me biggist speed, jump and power. My compare Yeti (HANIMAN).

54 Bunyip
55 Baku
56 Nue
57 Jormungar
58 Boogeyman

He's the boogie man... What is not to love?!?!

59 Anubis Anubis

Why is he here? This is a list of mythical beasts, not Egyptian gods.

60 Serpent of Eden
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