Top Ten Mythical Creatures That Could Be Real


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41 Dullahan
42 Kushtaka
43 Pegasus Pegasus

The picture of this looks very majestic. It would be really cool to have one.

44 Strzyga
45 Orcs

Shrek is real D: - P-51IsDaBest

46 Hobbits

Did you know they found adult skulls that were even smaller than a kid's head no joke

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47 The Kraken

The Kraken is just a super sized Colossal Squid. A colossal squid is not large enough to pull down gigantic ships, but we know the moon better than our own seven seas so an even larger colossal squid is entirely possible.

Some believe that the Colossal Squid might be a Kraken.

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48 Alicorns


49 Wendigo

The Wendigo is a malevolent cannibalistic spirit with an insatiable appetite. It eats only human flesh and no matter how much it eats, it is never full. It's also very ugly and deformed. Not a creature you would want to encounter.

Bad spirit probably came from one of the demons when satan rebelled

50 Kappa

It looks like a cross between a turtle and a frog, which is pretty cool. And it gets its power from the water in the hole in its head. There are good and bad Kappas. This is a very unique creature.

Hmm.. Blastoise in real life! Without cannons! Just kidding - P-51IsDaBest

51 Raven Mocker
52 Sigbin
53 Baku
54 Thunderbird
55 Zaratan
56 Baba Yaga

She's an old witch that is usually evil and is thought to be based on a pagan nature goddess.

57 The Naga
58 Bloody Mary
59 Owlman (aka Death Raptor)
60 Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square

Never heard of this but what it's called defeated the purpose of being nameless. Why can't he be called the thing of Berkeley square. My point is he's not nameless.

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