Top Ten Myths About Animals

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1 Dogs have black and white vision

They just don’t see colour as well as we do - blackflower

I’ve had to explain this to too many people.

All your answers are wrong here. Dogs see the colour blue better than others. So it's pretty much they see blue and everything else is dimmer and more obscure to the dog. Because yellow is opposite to blue in the light spectrum, yellow can be identified. Dogs can't decipher red and green however. - Cazaam

They're capable of seeing shades of blue and yellow.

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2 A goldfish has a three second memory

If a fish swims in a circle to get food and gets food it will swim in a circle every time it gets food so a fish ( with scientific study ) has about 3 MONTHS! Of memory - thebounty

Impossible, I once tapped a fish bowl and that fish still flares at me today

This is not true... I have trained my goldfish..

3 Ostriches bury their heads in the sand when threatened

I think this rumor was probably promulgated by Penny the Elder (AD 23-79), who wrote that ostriches "imagine, when they have thrust their head and neck into a bush, that the whole of their body is concealed."

No, that's not true. if it was then how can they even breathe?

4 Camels' humps are full of water

Wouldn't it jiggle if its full of water?

The hump is full of fatty sacks that holds water that depletes after 2 weeks - thebounty

No, the humps are full of fat

5 Daddy long legs are poisonous, but they can't bite
6 Mother birds will reject their young once touched by humans

This gets a lot of birds killed.

7 Bulls charge at the sight of red

Actually no, bulls are colored blind. - Ilovestephanie

8 Bats are blind

This is the only one I actually thought was true

9 Cutting a worm in half will result in two worms


Cutting planarians in half result in two planarians. Worms can regenarate but just one side of it has mouth, the other dies.

10 Owls are wise

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11 One human year is equivalent to seven dog years

It all depends on the dog. Larger dogs age more quickly.

12 Wild dolphins are friendly and will save humans in trouble

Wild dolphins are not even friendly to their own kind. They kill their young & male dolphins mate with female dolphins by **RAPING** them!

13 Elephants are the only animals that can't jump

I think this is actually true. It may be hard top believe that other animals jump, but they do! Elephants can't jump because they're too heavy! (or something, if that's not true)

Try and make a turtle jump I dare you

14 Touching a butterfly's wings will kill it

Actually this is true. It happened to me before :( - Ilovestephanie

As a kid, I just touched like a million butterflies and put them into glasses ( yeah, sorry if you think I was a monster as a child😂) and they didn't die.

15 Insects are not animals
16 A healthy dog's nose is cold and wet

It’s complicated - blackflower

17 Hyenas are the Best Hunters in the Wild

It's actually the African wild dog that's the most successful hunter.

18 Lemmings commit suicide

Uhh... what? - Vancedapurpleguy

19 Chameleons change color to blend in

Well true I've seen one do it

Some times they this

20 Bulls hate red
21 The best way to get rid of skunk spray is to use tomatoes
22 Humans aren’t the only one that kills their own kind

True. Lots of zebras can do bad damage to each other and their abusive to other animals too.

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