Top Ten Myths About Sidney Crosby

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1 he is a crybaby

Everybody gets angry when refs make horrible calls or miss unmissable penalties but how does having the courage to speak your mind to them make you a crybaby? Not to mention in interviews afterwards he makes no big deal of it. Haters just keep hating while. A healthy Crosby is a league leading Crosby. I'll always have a shoulder you can cry on

When was he ever a crybaby. People just say he sucks and is a crybaby just because they don't want to say he's the best. It's not even true and if it is then find something about that's real.

people just say that becaus they are upset he is better than their fav players - 2234

2 he is a dumb guy

Didn't even know people questioned his intelligence. I don't feel I need to defend this one

3 he hates kids

I don't know how he feels about kids but for some reason I doubt he hates them. Actually I would go as far as to guarantee it. Hate is a strong word. Maybe he's not fond of kids and he's not so what. Not everybody has to to like kids. As long as he isn't mean to kids and I'd love for anyoneto try to prove that Sid the kid is mean to kids

according to the internet... he likes kids. but I'm not sure. - 2234

You kidding me? Why would someone believe that? He visited a children's hospital.

No hockey player should hate kids but lucic - Mike bossy

4 he falls down too much

He falls too much because he blows bye people too much and tripping him is the only way to stop him

This WAS true back then, but now he doesn't fall as much. - booklover1

everybody looses balance!... even on the ground! - 2234

5 he looks like a girl when he has no mustache

Crosby looks like a girl? If the people saying this are homosexual there's nothing wrong with your sexuality but leave Sid out of it. He looks male with or without facial hair

He doesn't look like a girl at all... Period! But I think he looks better without a mustache.

6 he doesn't shoot that much

I am a huge fan and I don't believe this is a mess. Sometimes he does not shoot enough but that is completely okay he shoots when he has a shop and he scores. He's the best hockey player And he will shoot the puck if and when he feels it's appropriate. Hold the pressure haters!

he shoots all the time! and its always a good shot! - 2234

If you get a 50 goal season, you shoot enough. - booklover1

7 he is too busy to have a girlfriend

All kinds of players are NOT Sidney Crosby. Sid is one of a kind. He is just so obsessed with hockey right now, and involved with other commitments, that he may not want one at the moment. Nothing wrong with that. He is young and has plenty of time for a girlfriend. When he is ready, he'll have one.

He probably is too busy for a girlfriend right now but that doesn't mean you couldn't have any girl you wants.

everyone can love! all kinds of players have girlfriends! - 2234

8 he could beat Gretzky's record

I'm sure he could and would be Wayne Gretzky's records but he plays in a different style of hockey now and unfortunately probably never will because of it.

he is great but not like gretzky. - 2234

It was a different kibd of game when Gretzky played

Crosby could beat waye greztky record

9 he is slow

This one actually shocked me the most of all the top 10. Crosby has the fastest burst of speed of anyone in the NHL. His legs are tree trunks and his first three steps separate him from anyone.

he is one of the best skaters! I don't no why people say that! - 2234

10 he cheats too much.

he barely gets penalties! - 2234

Lmao. This one is just way too much. Can anybody tell me exactly how many times he's been suspended or even been in a position where a suspension was considered? No I thought not.

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11 Ovechkin is better than him

ovechkin is good but not better than crosby washington fans

but ovechkin is pretty good! - 2234

12 he is romantically involved with Gary Bettman
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