Top 10 Names to Call Silverstream (Warrior Cats)

The Top Ten Names to Call Silverstream (Warrior Cats)

1 Stupidstream

I guess Silverstream sucks. - I80

2 Stupidcat
3 Spoiledstream

Because she's a spoiled brat. - RoseWeasley

4 Stupidscum
5 Silversucks

Because she does. - RoseWeasley

6 Useless McMarySue

Exactly what she is. - RoseWeasley

7 Salmonellastream

She makes me sick, just like salmonella. - RoseWeasley

I love this one

8 Stupid
9 Simplestream

She's simple-minded. - RoseWeasley

I love silverstream! waa

10 SorryExcuseForACatStream

That's exactly what she is. - RoseWeasley

The Contenders

11 Princess Stupidface
12 Silverbutt

Credit to Murphypaw for this - Marella

13 Autisticstream

Who added this?! - RoseWeasley

14 Sourstream

She should eat sweeter things, all she eats is best fruit and lemons. GO MILLIE

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