Top Ten Names of Countries That English Speakers Get Wrong

Please don't take this as an assault on English language speakers. It's just an interesting look at how the English names for countries differ from the local names.

The Top Ten

1 Mexico

English speakers spell "Mexico" right but typically pronounce it wrong. It's MEH-hee-co, NOT Mek-sih-co. - ShuhBanggg

2 Brasil

We pronounce it Brasil not Brazil!

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3 Türkiye

Türkiye, not Turkey. The country's not a Thanksgiving dish. - ShuhBanggg

4 Nippon

Americans call it Japan. This mistake is something that weeaboos have been known to rant about. - ShuhBanggg

Its Nihon or Nippon, either one is fine

5 Italia
6 Zhonghua

The actual name for China. Quite different from the English name, no? - ShuhBanggg

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7 España

Pronounced Es-PAWN-yaw. Spain. - ShuhBanggg

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8 Rossiya

Russia, pronounced "Ross-SEE-ya". - ShuhBanggg

9 Deutschland
10 Pilipinas

The Philippines. - ShuhBanggg

The Contenders

11 Bharat

It's the actual name of India. I don't know from where the name "India" came? But it's actually "Bharat"

It is actually Bharat not Imdia

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