Top Ten Names for All-Girl Bands

Or, for all male or female-male bands, if you want. But mostly for girls.

The Top Ten

1 The Blue Moons

This is actually what my OC’s band would be called. - ResonatingScreamS

2 Seren's Aid

Get it? Because serenade? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

A pun on 'serenade'. Bonus points if Seren is the first name of the lead singer. - ResonatingScreamS

3 Opal in The Rough

Very diva-ish. - ResonatingScreamS

4 The Hopeful

This could also be a good song title. - ResonatingScreamS

5 Elemencia

Sounds cool. - ResonatingScreamS

This one - Userguy44

6 Five Falling Stars

Could be rock or something. Could also be four, six, or seven stars. - ResonatingScreamS

7 Diamonds from Dust

And the band would have their songs have inspirational lyrics - ResonatingScreamS

Beautiful! I want to start a band like this someday - Nova1987

8 Harmony's Melody

Harmony could be lead singer. - ResonatingScreamS

9 Fireflier

Once again, it could also be a song name. - ResonatingScreamS

10 The Kidney Stones

Because a girl band doesn't need to have a feminine-sounding name. - CloudInvasion

Haha! Yes! - ResonatingScreamS

The Contenders

11 The Ambrosiacs

Sounds very goddess-like. - ResonatingScreamS

12 Swan Ocean

Like Swan Lake, but bigger! And they do ballet dance moves - Nova1987

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