Best Names for a Barbie Movie

The Top Ten Best Names for a Barbie Movie

1 Barbie and the Great Liposuction Adventure

Its only a joke but people actually say it does cause anorexia.

*sigh* When did everyone suddenly become so bothered about what a doll looked like. I miss childhood when I just thought its just a doll, its not going to affect my health. Barbie and everyone who is mentally ill for thinking it will affect girls health.

2 Barbie and the Diarrhea Kingdom

This sounds disgusting - ElSherlock

What the Hell! Barbie is a kids show/movie not an inappropriate teen meme!

3 Barbie in Attack of the Flying Cows

I'd pay to see this happen. - RoseWeasley

4 Barbie Mariposa And The Deathly Hollows

This actually sounds cool and I’m pretty sure someone would make this on YouTube!

5 The Great Puppy Poop Quest: A Barbie Adventure
6 Barbie and the Magic of Wet Wipes
7 Barbie Mariposa: The Battle of Kenville, 1890
8 Barbie and the Wonder of Green Turds
9 Barbies Magical Adventures in Boys Bathroom Land

Jesus, this was so immature. - Scr3aM

10 The Marvelous Adventures of Barbie and Her Flying Chicken

The Contenders

11 Barbie as Jabba the Hutt

The critically acclaimed prequel to Barbie and the Great Liposuction Adventure. - Entranced98

12 Barbie : Why She Sucks

I will watch this movie

Definitely will watch this. It will promote BARBIE ABUSE! JOIN BARBIE ABUSE IF YOU HATE BARBIE!

Liked it! Will watch it! Loved it! Had become popular! Killed Barbie? Yes! """

13 Barbie and the Enchanted Boob Job Castle

I really want to watch this movie.

14 Barbie Cinderella
15 Barbie and the Diaper Quest

I would watch this.

16 Magical Girl Barbie
17 Barbie: In the Barbecue
18 50 Ways to Kill Barbie

Why yes I hate barbie and therefore would like to see her die.

19 Barbie Snow White
20 Barbie, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and the Justice League vs. Godzilla at the Infinity Games

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series - PerfectImpulseX

21 Barbie and the Sensations Reunion

Barbie and the Rock stars: Out of this Word (1987)
Barbie: rocking' Back to Earth (1988)
Barbie and The Sensations: rocking' Back to Earth (1989)
Barbie - Two Excellent Adventures (1992)
Barbie Double Bill (1994)
How times have changed lol.

22 Barbie and Her Sisters in a Mystical Menstruation Adventure
23 Barbie and the Imposter Named Fartbie
24 Barbie in a Creepypasta
25 The Adventures of Barbie in the Mushroom Kingdom
26 Barbie Gets CryptoLocker
27 Barbie Transitions Into a Man
28 Barbie Comes Out as a Lesbian
29 Barbie's Symphony
30 Barbie in the Blair Witch Project
31 Barbie and Her Sisters in a Supernatural Sewer Pipe Adventure
32 Barbie and the Magic of Implants
33 Barbie and the Assassination of Ken
34 Barbie and Her Death in Lava
35 Barbie Sleeping Beauty
36 Barbie Snow White and Rose Red
37 Barbie Ice Princess
38 Barbie the Princess and the Pea
39 Barbie the Frog Prince
40 Barbie Beauty and the Beast
41 Barbie Bo Peep
42 Barbie Identical Twins
43 Barbie Gets Killed
44 50 Shades of Barbie and Ken
45 Barbie in Aqua
46 Back to the Barbie
47 Barbie and the Great Giant Robot Adventure
48 Barbie and Sindy Movie

Do you remember Sindy?
Well a movie on Barbie and Sindy together lol.

49 Barbie Dates Paul

And Sindy kills her.

50 Barbie is a Power Ranger

Hello childhood.

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