Top Ten Best Names for a Boy In 2013

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1 Austin

My grandads name - WinchesterGirl26

I love it when there's such thing as kids getting named after cities. Austin is a city in Texas, USA. Houston and Austin are diffrent sounds. Houston (SAY Yiustin ) Austin (SAY ostin) See? I told you.

2 Matthew

I'm pleased that Matthew is your number one anonymous. Such a simple, no frills, beautiful name. - Britgirl

If you do not know how Matthew is pronounced, I'll show you. ( SAY Math-yiu) Matthew is a great name for many kids, including my best friend who is 9.

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3 Drake Drake Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

No, this is such a bad name in the 21st century.

As a reminder, A drake is also a male duck. Drake and drake are diffrent. Drake is a name, while drake is a male duck. Drake is a great name for any person.

4 Robin

Ya know Jingle Bells Batman smells, ROBIN laid an egg? If you do, then you know the name Robin. I love the name Robin.

5 Harry
6 Alex

He's my BEST FRIEND in the whole, wide WORLD!

7 Andrew
8 Chris
9 John

Of course, everyone would put their name on the top of the list. That's exactly what I did. John is a great name for anyone, I bet.

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10 Vance

Along with Drake, Brodie and Matthew, Vance is someone in my school. He is in SK and his name is very nice. Vance-Vance-Vance-it's just a beautiful name.

My name's hayao, you know, hayao miyazaki studio ghibli, but Vance is a pretty ok name. - moonwolf

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11 Brodie

Brodie is a very rare name I bet. It's the name of my brother and someone else in my school. (The other one is Matthew)

12 Leo

Leo is a cool name. Whatever Leo stands for, I think it should mean you have an awesome name, dude.

That's My Name! For Me it doesn't stand for anything but sometimes it can stand for Leonardo Or Leonard - Beatlesboy9

13 Gavin

Sgt gavin troy was so hot from midsomer murders I hated the name but now I love because of sgt troy darling laugh out loud

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14 Aaron

Also someone in my school in Grade 2. He laughs every day and you will never hear silence when it comes to this anonymous jokester.

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15 Timothy

This is a kinda weird name to say (Timuthee) but very very interesting. I like Timothy so much that my heart explodes. It is way too weird.

16 Damien
17 Niall
18 Zayn
19 Xander
20 Arthur
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