Top 10 Names for Female Goths


The Top Ten

1 Misty

I have an OC and she's kind of a goth and she's Bill Cipher's only human niece. She has teal-ish hair down to her back and she wears dark clothes and her favorite pair of vans. - KianaLexi

2 Ebony

It's a beautiful name, but it brings back memories of the awful My Immortal. - Swellow

This is a beautiful name. 🌑If I have a daughter, I'll probably name her this. - Catlover2004

3 Selene

I have another goth character and she's one of my favorites, she's 17 years old and she has long black hair down to her waist and she has a long bang that covers her eye and she has a twin sister named Jessica and she's the complete opposite. - KianaLexi

4 Claudia

This is my friend's name! - Catacorn

5 Raven

Like Raven from Teen Titans. - Catacorn

6 Indigo
7 Julianna
8 Hilda
9 Lullaby
10 Minerva

Names after the Roman goddess of wisdom and warcraft, Minerva.-Vestalis

The Contenders

11 Zephyra
12 Demetria
13 Nirvana

Like the band? - Catacorn

14 Elizabeth
15 Vesper
16 Gaz

Lol! Short for 'Gazlene'.

17 Ruby
18 Christine
19 Jade

Catch my reference? Jade from Victorious, she'a a goth, right? - KianaLexi

20 Mandy
21 Desdemona
22 Lucy
23 Heloise
24 Vanessa
25 Marceline Marceline
26 Mystica
27 Stormer
28 Fangoria
29 Rammy
30 Bella
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