Top Ten Best Names for Future Video Game Companies

All of those game companies will have the same graphics that will match real life! Their games will be incredibly amazing! I will buy all of their games and beat them all! I will become a Ultra Core gamer for this reason! Their are completing for who have the best games! Not graphics!

The Top Ten

1 Zega

That will be a great name for another company! - Danteem

2 Xega

It is a Super duper rich company with tons of so good games! - Danteem

3 Zony

It will have graphics that will match real life! It will make a s### ton of money! - Danteem

4 Zintendo

These are literally video game companies with X Y or Z in front of them. A bit more original. And we all know who made this.

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5 Xony

Same as Zony but a little bit better! - Danteem

6 Zicrosoft

Better than Microsoft! Their graphics will match real life! - Danteem

7 Xicrosoft

Their graphic will match real life too same as all other company! - Danteem

8 Xtendo

It will work together with Zintendo and beat the rest of the other companies! - Danteem

9 Zamco

This company does not make consoles but it will make amazing games! - Danteem

10 Xamco

Is it me or are 90% of the items on this list just real game company names with x or z at the beginning. - Skullkid755

The Contenders

11 Zapcomintanmcarisoftonyega
12 Segatari

All of these are well copys but this one is the most diffrent (who ever made this your not helping me try and make a company name

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13 Shinra
14 Neintendo

Run by Hitler.

15 Zechtronicz Studios Inc.
16 Capconami
17 Ukasoft
18 Steamed Microsony
19 Button
20 FinisaEXYZ
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