Top Ten Best Names for a Girl Group


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1 Fanta-C

Perfect for a teen pop group consisting four middle school students who make R&B and pop rock inspired music. Inspired by late 90s and early 2000s (1997-2002) girl groups.

2 The Believe-Rs

Believe it or not, might be a good pop R&B girl group consisting of 13-16-year-olds

3 QT

Good name for a 2000s inspired girl group with R&B beats and pop rock inspiration.

4 Power Girlz
5 X-Tra

Heart misspelling. Might be good for a girl group.

7 Diamond Girls
8 Dirty Popp
9 Rubra Rosa V 1 Comment
10 Cordibus

The Contenders

11 Crystal
12 The Sugarhearts
13 4eva and 4ava
14 Gurl Squad
15 Femme Fresher Than You
16 The Femme Fatales
17 The Epix
18 The Candydolls
19 The Beloved Beauties
20 Sug-R 'N Spice
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