Top Ten Names for Girls On Moviestarplanet


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1 <>PrettyLikeStars <>

Well if you like stars then this is for you... Add me on my backup for xxx bamitzlola xxx her name is <>BeautifulLikeDiamonds<> - LeFabooshLlama

2 IEatRainbowCookies

If you like rainbows and cookies maybe this is for you - LeFabooshLlama

3 LeKawaiiKitty<3

Who don't like kawaii kitties?! - LeFabooshLlama

4 Please Enter A User name

Well.. This was kinda random c: - LeFabooshLlama

5 LeCuteCookie><

Cute? Cookie? Yup for you - LeFabooshLlama

6 Faboosh<3

Hmm fabulous and? I don't know 😂 - LeFabooshLlama

7 <3SelfieQueenii<3

If you love taking selfies then why not - LeFabooshLlama

8 Angelxhood
9 IEatRainbows<33

Again if you like rainbows then - LeFabooshLlama

10 Roxyskittles

Its random :D

The Contenders

11 Waffler283
12 ArianaGomez<3

I like this one because it's 2 singers smashed in one.. I'm guessing you know who they are! - LeFabooshLlama

13 Aoxcs
14 <3 Llama Corn <3
15 Soulresist
16 You Caption It
17 Xxsourcinnamonxx
18 Barbiejr2273
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1. <>PrettyLikeStars <>
2. Angelxhood
3. LeCuteCookie><
1. <>PrettyLikeStars <>
2. IEatRainbowCookies
3. LeKawaiiKitty<3


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