Top Ten Names for a Girly Girl

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1 Charlotte

Amy should be first because I'm a girly girl and amy is my name

Charlotte is a beautiful name.


my name is charlotte but I'm a tomboy

2 Emily

I know a girl named Emily, she's the cutest girl in our school, and is also one of the most popular! And, she likes me, random fact.

Love tat one

3 Alexandrea

Honestly, I don't think Alexandrea or Alexandria is a girly name.. It's more of an Emo or Alternative name, I can see Alexis or Alexa or Alexia being a girly name, but not Alexandrea

4 Bianca
5 Emma
6 Peyton

Not a big fan of that name

It's the most girly girl name EVER

7 Fiona

My middle name; Queenie Fiona. I always say my middle name is the name of a character from Shrek.

Unless you what them to be called an ogre. Never name your child this.

8 Shannon

Such a beautiful name

I love Shannon x

9 Sky

What? My her guard is named sky and she knows how to fight, she's the second best fighter in the village of kaden. Sky is a girl in my dreams.

10 Adele

What if her name was Adele and she likes Adele?
This is a girly name!

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11 Diana

Such a pretty name I know a girl named this she is so nice!

This is my name and I'm mostly a girly girk

12 Carla
13 Abby

I have like a million friends names abby but I janie a girly name

This is my nickname, I'm NOT girly-girl, though.

14 Dana

You need to be kidding...right?...

15 Tiffani

this is my favorite name even though this is not my name but my favorite is actually tiffany

Now that is a girly girl name I know because people call me "tom boy" and I do not like this name and I have a friend named Tiffani

16 Maddy

That's my friends name and she's not THAT girly like she plays soccer with me! Also most of these names are not girly in my opinion.

There was this IDIOT! SERIOUSLY AN IDIOT! She was so annoying, my name is Emma and she called me Emmie bear in a really childish voice, I hated her!

I know a really really really annoying girly girl who has this name. The girliest name ever.

17 Barbie

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world! Plastic it's fantastic

It is a VERY girly name. Even though it is cliche.

Perfect name for a girly girl


18 Sophia

Love 💖 this name so much it is so cute

this is my name but I don’t like it cause I’m a tomboy

19 Gina

I love this name! I had a 3rd grade teacher with this name she was very nice!

That's my beanie! ❤️

Hi Gina! Mommy loves you! 😍

20 Izzy

I have a girl in my class and her name is izzy

All my Bffs are called izzy

21 Hannah
22 Francine

francine is a tomboy from arthur so take this off

23 Juliette

Damn that is a really girly girl name

24 Mia

What a great name for a girl. I wish I had a girlfriend with the name Mia

25 Melissa

Ironically, this is my name and people say I'm a tomboy

100% Girly Name!

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