Top Ten Names for a Girly Girl


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1 Emily

I know a girl named Emily, she's the cutest girl in our school, and is also one of the most popular! And, she likes me, random fact. - moonwolf

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2 Peyton

It's the most girly girl name EVER - kristina381980

3 Alexandrea

Honestly, I don't think Alexandrea or Alexandria is a girly name.. It's more of an Emo or Alternative name, I can see Alexis or Alexa or Alexia being a girly name, but not Alexandrea

4 Shannon

I love Shannon x

5 Charlotte V 1 Comment
6 Sky

What? My her guard is named sky and she knows how to fight, she's the second best fighter in the village of kaden. Sky is a girl in my dreams.

7 Abby

I have like a million friends names abby but I janie a girly name

This is my nickname, I'm NOT girly-girl, though.

8 Tiffani

Now that is a girly girl name I know because people call me "tom boy" and I do not like this name and I have a friend named Tiffani

9 Maddy

There was this IDIOT! SERIOUSLY AN IDIOT! She was so annoying, my name is Emma and she called me Emmie bear in a really childish voice, I hated her!

I know a really really really annoying girly girl who has this name. The girliest name ever. - RockFashionista

10 Tina V 2 Comments

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11 Sophia
12 Savannah
13 Amy
14 Zoey V 1 Comment
15 Diana

Such a pretty name I know a girl named this she is so nice!

This is my name and I'm mostly a girly girk

16 Melissa

Ironically, this is my name and people say I'm a tomboy

17 Barbie

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world! Plastic it's fantastic

It is a VERY girly name. Even though it is cliche.

Though Barbie is so popular
I have never ACTULLY heard one with the name

18 Adele

What if her name was Adele and she likes Adele?
This is a girly name! - funnyuser

19 Avril

You think this is a name for girly girls? Allow me to introduce you to Avril Lavigne

20 Ashley
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1. Emily
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1. Tiffani
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1. Savannah
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