Top 10 Names for Lazy Males

Survey compiling the names of English boys names who are laziest at work.

The Top Ten Names for Lazy Males

1 Mark

Ha, this might be true! Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits is known for being one of the laziest musicians ever. He is very talented though. - Metal_Treasure

2 Daniel
3 Kevin

dumb kevin

Kevin should be no.2 after Daniel - malamJONES

I agree! - Britgirl

4 Christopher

Nope, its such an epic name, its heroic and I love this name - Ananya

Isn't this name too long for a lazy male? Maybe Chris? - Metal_Treasure

5 Conner
6 Paul
7 Steven
8 Mac
9 Scott
10 Marcus

The Contenders

11 Jack
12 Timothy

Lol I don't know feels that it's made for them - Ananya

13 Robbie
14 Timmy
15 Drew
16 Andrew
17 Callum
18 AJ
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