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181 Raquelle

Raquelle=evil queen. I can't even say anything about it.

, that name=mean. There isn't 1 Raquelle out there that is actually decent! This name sounds so much like pure evile! No wounder they chose this name for Barbie's number 1 enemy!

Raquelle sounds even meaner than Raquel.

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182 Jenny

That's my name

Not very mean...there is a Jenny at my school and she is kind of a nerd...

Gah! This girl was in my class.She hated me for talking to her crush.She would make me look stupid in front of him and bully me and made me look like I started it. Everyone but my friends believed her.I got detention for it.Jenny was a total teacher's pet.I decided to take revenge,when she bullied me my friend recorded it and I had proof that she was the bully.We gave it to the principal and she would be expelled if her mother didn't pull some strings.

183 Lila

My name is Lila! I wouldn't really consider myself as mean though

I agree, Lila is kinda a mean name.

Lila is a perfect name!

184 Camille

There was a camillewho was mean to me but a big kid who was a boy in my school shaked her head a lot and then me and the male big kid werer friends

185 Lizzie

I now a girl named Lizzie and she is very nice.

I like this name, though I LOVE Olivia

Really? It sounds nice.

Don't worry, she'll come back. I didn't hurt her brain!
Sorry, couldn't help it. If your name is Lizzie, I don't think it's bad. Names don't mean anything.

186 Valentina

I know a Valentina,she can be rather stern but she always knows right from wrong and tells the youngsters.

187 Janbi

What kind of name is this?

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188 Siobhan

TRUE, TRUE AND TRUE! A girl in my class called Siobhan is trying to steal my boyfriend!

I had this Siobhan in my class that bullied me seven years straight.

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189 Natasha
190 Aimee

I happen to love the name!

191 Bailey

There was a study showing most Bailey's are usually named by snotty parents which then a devil is born

She called me Pee Pee girl and I told my mom but she didn't knew what class.

That's my best friends name and she is the sweetest, shyest girl ever

I will scream if I see 1 more of my friends name!

192 Sydney

I have a cousin named Sydney and she is so nice.

Why do they have names named after cities?

I know a Sidney. She is super nice and shy.

I knew a sidney who hated me for a dumb reason.

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193 Sara

Hi my name is Stewie Griffin

One of my worst bullies.

194 Kaelie
195 Pansy

Just think of harry potter! she was a pretty nasty girl, so I think this is a mean name

You guys need to chill out and stop being so SIRIUS.

HELP I'M DYING! This was so funny.

I have a sister called Tansy which rhymes with it and she's a whore!

196 Lexi

Ouch... But still, pretty far but still sad my name got here :( - Fandom_Lover

197 Autumn

Sounds like a girl who wants attention

Autumn must fall... - natalily


198 Pixie

Just really pixy mean

199 Morgan

There's a girl named Morgan was just friends with me so that she could back stab me and turn all my friends against me

I am writing story about a girl named Morgan and she is a nice girl. this is more of a tomboy name!

200 Shermaine
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