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201 Juliette

I knew this girl,she would always make fun of my style,my name,my hand writing and grades(even though they were better than her's).I was very smart.I got back at her in 6th grade.There was a really hard test that no one else passed but me.

202 Hayden

I know this girl named that and she was bullying my friend and her boyfriend... She would hit my friends boyfriend everyday...

My sister knows a girl called Hayden she acts nice but is so mean to het

My stepbrother is called Hayden

Sounds like a boy's name - natalily

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203 Karen V 1 Comment
204 Natalie

That's my name how dare you! You guys are liars!

Gotta put her on here, apologies to anyone else with the name.

That's my name... - natalily

She yusted to be bestfriends

205 Venus V 3 Comments
206 Christie V 1 Comment
207 Caitlyn V 1 Comment
208 Christina

Christina's are nice and awesome but Christy is over the limit bad

209 Meghann
210 Breanna
211 Angela

That's my mom's name! She's really sweet.

212 Laura

Laura is my best ish friend. She can be a little mean sometimes. But ever since charlee one of my best friends moved. She has been my best from

213 Dana
214 Rose

Rose is an awful name. I know this girl named Rose and she is such a meanie. She thinks she is so cool, but I actually hardcore cringe every time I see her. Not a good name. But I guess the name doesn't matter.

215 Leslie
216 Lisa
217 Kristy

Kristy is not a mean girl name. Kristy is derived from a children's book series (The Baby-Sitters Club) by Ann M. Martin. - monsterhigh200

218 Madeline
219 London
220 Brenda

Really, where is auto correct when you need it?!

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