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221 Meghana V 1 Comment
222 Isabella
223 Carly

Eats grapes and peanut butter/jelly sandwiches in the same meal. I think she's a witch! Scrolls down on her phone with her third finger.. that just screams terrorist!

This girl is the biggest bitch of all time, like gosh! She always steals my men like she's borrowing my cloths, that stupid bitch! What's mine is mine, find your own man, that's my dick not yours! And then comes up to me all the time asking me for a skrunchy, like bitch gonna steal that too? She spells her name carley with an "e" but whatever close enough, hate that man stealing bitch!

224 Whitney

I think Whitney is not a good name

225 Jade

That's my favorite member from Little Mix

My friend but she knows bad things...

226 Jolissa V 1 Comment
227 Klaire
228 Valerie

I think valerie is a wonderful name it's so romantic I love it when it's called Val

I used this name as a bullys name in something I wrote... it worked out pretty well

229 Adele
230 Noel
231 Lori
232 Demi
233 Virginia V 1 Comment
234 Shaken
235 Chelsea

I do love this name actually its great for a mean girls name but also a nice girls name. I wish I was called Chelsea

My best friend wishes her name was that she is really rude

Chelsea in my school is annoying.

In GMW there is a goldfish named chealsea

V 7 Comments
236 Naomi

I have a bratty cousin called Naomi who even though should be a mature girl screams when she can't have her own way and is always being really mean to someone and getting away with it which is why she's like it because she's not deciplined enough although she is more deciplined now she's slightly older however I know a really nice lady called Naomi which goes to show names don't determine wether you are a bully or not

Naomi is a mean name for a girl but its cute laugh out loud

My aunt's name is Naomi she is the sweetest relative ever

There is a Naomi at my school and she is so bratty

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237 Mackenzie

This is the mean girl's name from dork diaries just saying' - ChicaTheGamer

This is my name this can't be naughty name because I am anything but mean I say it not a name that is mean but the person

She didn't want me or my friend Jocelyn to be friends. She caused all the drama between Jocelyn and I

Meanest girl's name. also popular sounding, but very cruel

V 7 Comments
238 Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.

Whoever has the name of a country should be proud and honored

Honestly, it sounds awesome. - AnonymousChick

This is a country

239 Safa
240 Isabel

Dude. Isabella ain't a mean girl name. She can be mean if she don't like you or if you tempt her but apart from that this is totally right. And I'm an Isabella. I have a cousin called Isabel who is as sweet as pie and as right as rain.

I think Isabella is a hands down mean girl name, but Isabel and Isabelle sound like that girl who gets so much attention though she doesn't need it, but deserves it anyways.

I think Isabel is a wonderful name and a preety name. My name is Isabella and people don't think I'm rude I think it is a wonderful name and in Italy it means beautiful

Hey my name is isablle. Isabelle toce haha I kinda don't like isabelle its long to pronounce

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