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301 Diamond

To be honest I wonder why this isn't higher

Diamond sounds snobby and stuck-up

My 7 year old sister has a book and Maddysin is mean and Diamond is so nice

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302 Liliana

No, I know 2 that are nice. Maybe some are mean, though.

303 Allison

I happen to love the name so much!

304 Roxy V 1 Comment
305 Kenzie

That's my cousins name and she's not mean - mery_484

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306 Makenzie

I think this name really does have an evil twist, doesn't it? -#grace LOL

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307 Jina
308 Luz V 1 Comment
309 Ryan

I totally agree with unisex names becoming more popular for mean girls, but I happen to love the name for a girl, and I would most likely name my girl that when I have kids.

I did notice that unisex names became more of considered

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310 Sofia

She is the most annoying girl I know, so she should be on this list! -#graceLOL

311 Claudia V 1 Comment
312 Delany
313 Hollister V 2 Comments
314 Luxury

Mean and girly

315 Faiza

She is a stupid mean girl

316 Lottie

I know a lottie who would just bully me and say mean Things about me and would push me over and then act all sweet to my friends and pull them away from me I also know another lottie who is always giving me the evil eye but one of my best friends is a Charlotte who shortens her name to lottie and she is one of the kindest people I have ever met which goes to show don't judge someone by there looks or their name get to know them before you decide whether there a friend or foe

317 Carrie

A rude annoying bimbo

318 Eloisa V 1 Comment
319 Gabrielle V 2 Comments
320 Kim
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