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321 Julie
322 Ruby

Well you shouldn't be offended. Try not to take it so seriously! It's not they said your name stinks in general. This is just a list of names to give people ideas if possible character names. It's not aimed at you. And yes I saw my own name and paid it no attention. It's not a big deal!

I had a friend named R... But she started to tes me and my BFF so I stopped being friends with her and never talked to her since.

My name is Ruby! I am kinda offended, but I saw it coming after I saw lots of my friends names on here,so... yeah

323 Liz
324 Halle
325 Hilda
326 Alex

I'm using this name for the main character in my first book! But her real name is Alexendrie.
Ps: it's a French book

327 Lylian
328 Brynn

One BrynnI know talks a lot, the other one I know is spoiled rotten.

329 Pat

Postman pat? No way, but there is a dinner lady at my school called that and she is bad to the bone

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330 Alison

I'm Alison! HI! And just so you know, I'm not mean what-so-ever!...Just insanely crazy.

Alison I wonder what age you are. by the way I'm 18 and my birthday is on december 28 2014. but todays year is 2016 but if it's my birthday again, I'm gonna be 19 years old. by the way alison is a great name.

331 Cheyenne
332 Diana

I had a friend named Diana and she was all sweet at first... But then she first talked my boyfriend into breaking up with me... She also started go date him... And ruion him... After her and while with her... He went down a bad path...

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333 Juliana

I wrote a story with Juliana as the main character. She is said to be sweet and gentle, then there is fan fiction, Juliana is brave and saves her brother from danger

Just because your name is Juliana doesn't make you mean! This website is totally weird.

I agree why do they put nice names they are so great

334 Freya

She always tries to steal my friend so good riddance!

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335 Della

I had a friend who was called della and because of her my friends hated me for a week! -#grace LOL

A girl named della tried to make me jump off a really high place so, maybe...

336 Joanna

My mum is called joanna and she's as sweet as candy-#grace LOL

337 Nora

Hell no. Nora is one of the sweetest names ever. The meanest you'd get with this one is sporty/popular.

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338 Alicia V 1 Comment
339 Tiara
340 Lacey
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