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21 Courtney

My name is Courtney and I am not snobby I am a very shy girl. Do you know the saying don't judge a book by its cover. Well here's one don't judge a name by its sound. Most people assume courtney's have blond hair and blue eyes as well as snobby I'm just the opposite I have brown straight hair hazel green eyes. It just makes me sick that people would judge people by their names before they know them. What if you fell in love with someone with the name Courtney would you dump them due too their names. My middle name is lynn so I love the name Courtney and lynn put together Courtneylynn very pretty and rare it may be a masculine name but that does not mean you judge them for their name. Just saying its not nice. :(

Courtney is not a mean name because all of the Courtney's I know r so nice and also my best called Courtney so the name Courtney should not be there!.

Theirs a girl name Courtney at school and she's everything you said people think a Courtney is. Not that Courtney is bad person or anything. I it's a nice name. And a lot of nice people have that name

It sounds rud but not to offend u

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22 Quinn

I have a really awesome lovable friend named Quinn and she is the nicest girl ever!

Am I the only one who thought of Daria's sister Quinn?

Love the name, but Quinn from Glee? Not so much

There is a girl at my school named Quinn and she is SO MEAN! She always has snobby comments and excludes people, but worst of all she pulled my BFF to her side! Now my BFF hangs out with Quinn all the time! :(

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23 Kelly

One of my best friends name is Kelly, and she's really sweet and considerate.. - natalily

24 Dylan

No, you can't judge by name but, I have to say that story sounds like what this girl in my school does to me ALL the time and runs off to the teacher saying that I did something bad when I didn't and it was HER

I LOVE the name Dylan or a girl. I don't really think that it sounds like a mean name, more like a lovable kid.

I think it's a good name, but it kinda sounds like a girl who would try to be in control and would bully someone

In Percy Jackson, there's a girl named Dylan and she's a bully. So, this name fits

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25 Alexis

There was a girl named Alexis at my old school and we used to be really close but then she backstabbed me, turned almost all my friends against me (I had a lot of friends-not trying to be snotty but just as context to how many people she made hate me) and next thing I knew I was expelled from my old school for something I didn't do. The few friends I have left there say she's ruined others lives as well. But a name doesn't define a person. My friend's cousin's name is Alexis and she's really sweet.

This isn't true in my opinion. I've known my best friend, my unbiological sister, and the person who I can go to for everything for eight years, and she has been everything but mean. Of course, everyone has their own opinion, so other people could think just the opposite. So all I know is that once you meet someone like the Alexis I know, your life will be changed for the better.

My name is Alexis... I'm kinda pissed now. Does anybody wanna explain why this is a mean name?

I know an Alexis, and she's really sweet.. - natalily

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26 Lana

Princess Diaries, anyone? - natalily

Spell it backwards - Iamcool

27 Veronica

I know 3 very nasty, very mean Veronicas. One is my cousin, who is very sassy and mean to my Aunt. Another is one at my Mom's work and she is annoying and can't do anything by herself. Finally, there's another Veronica at my Mom's work and she is literally Satan. I wouldn't be surprised if she grew horns and wings one day and decided to suck everyone's soul from the office she works in. Furthermore, the name Veronica comes from Saint Veronica, who, at the end of her story, died for standing fast in something or another. From my point of view and MINE ONLY, I think you should think twice before you name your child Veronica.

This one little brat named Veronica hurts some people and when she gets mad she screams all the cuss words her 6th grade self heard of

Coolest name ever but the name sounds like someone bad!

I have a friend name Veronica whom is a really good friend but she’s always teasing people so I guess it is a pretty mean name! But I do like the name Veronica!

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28 Melrose

Lmfao! I am not mean by any means of the word necessary. Melrose is short for Melissa Rose. Melrose just sounded cute. - MissMelrose

29 Stephanie

Stephanie was my best friend from school until a new girl came to our school. They started bullying pretty girls and always tried to get the boys attention. They didn't bully me obviously, because I was their close friend, but they were still mean. Years later when we started high school I found out she had anorexia. I feel so bad for her but I don't talk to her anymore.

I know a Stephanie she was really nice until the day she joined Jenny, jenny was a mean girl who always tried to get me to do what she wanted, she reeled Stephanie in and Stephanie teased me with her, R.I.P sweet Stephanie, I hope that Jenny dies in lava.

A Stephanie is one of my best friend and she is the sweetest, most caring person I know!

Lol, Lazytown ha ha ha ha. - Officialpen

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30 Stacy

It just sounds like someone who would act like they're the queen and can order anyone they want around!

I have a family member named Stacy and she is a great person! This is totally not a mean girl name!

I knew one Stacey in primary school and she was so up herself!

Stacy is such a sweet name

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31 Sharpay

This is the most evil name in the world. It also means you are dumb, annoying, and a show off who forces others to act like you're the centre of attention when you're not and you hate the people who actually are the centre of attention without having to make it so. I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU, SHARPAY EVANS. I HATE YOU!

If this was for movies, I might vote for it, but since about 3 people are named sharpay, I won't. - swrs1234

Sharpay does sound like a mean movie girl. But anybody can be anything!

Kind of sounds like Sharpie

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32 Gretchen

In Mean Girls the movie they use the name Regina

33 Shay

I think that a name doesn't exactly describe who you are, but your personality does, maybe she just doesn't like her name. I know a shay in my year and she is one of the nicest girls I know she is nice to everyone and everyone loves her for that, she also makes a great friend because she is always there for you.

There is a girl at my school named shay, shes nice to her friends, but no one else

That's my dogs name lol

I know someone named shay and she is mean.

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34 Brianna

My brothers ex-girlfriend was named Brianna. I liked at first, but then she broke up with him by TEXT. Who does she think she is? I totally think this is a mean girl name

Lots of rude people with that name

Don't even get me started on this name! Any Brianna I have known either wound up pregnant (yes there was more than one! ) or was just a mean person.

Briana? Sounds like Rihanna. - SwampertBABY

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35 Savannah

Stop getting so offensive about people posting your name or someone you know! its just a name!

I know a Savannah and she is my best friend and she is caring sweet and loves animals

I personally think it is wrong to just a use people of being mean by there names, you are breaking a girls heart while you are being a bully. Just stop okay. Nobody wants to feel this way.

Savannah's a beautiful name, not a mean girl one.

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36 Conni

I have a friend names Connie and she is really nice and mean at the same time. She makes me cry every day and makes me so devastated I can't move but there are thousands of other nice girls called Connie. I feel sorry for them. I know all the Connie girls in the world can be nice if they choose to be.

Some of you are being very mean! Just because you had experiences with a few of these names doesn't mean the name is bad!

This is not a mean girl name if you want a mean girl name I'll give you one Terry Heller.

I think that if you are mean then your name is a mean girl name!

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37 Alyssa

I know an Alyssa, she was horrible to my friend. It's a great name, and there's probably plenty of nice people with this name, but still voting sorry!

Two girls at my school are named Alyssa and it's not one nice or sweet bone in them. Also there on the cheer leading team

I know 2 Alyssa's, and they are sweet AND popular! They are my BFF's, so I don't think it sounds mean.

Alyssa is my friend and she is not mean at all! Stop judging people by how their name sounds!

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38 Madison

There was a popular girl called Madison in my old school. Many people liked her and she spit in my face and shouted at me a lot. She was absolutely mean. But I know there can be a nicer Madison.

Madison is a very very beautiful name u can't just go and make a website to write about names so u can hurt people's feelings that is just rude!

I know a Madison, and she is not nice! She says my new boots are trash and once dropped my umbrella in the rain!

My name is Madison and I find this so funny, I can be so mean sometimes haha LOL

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39 Caroline

Caroline is a great name and I have two great friends named that! It's a really sweet name.

She is a big fat rumor spreading liar!

Carolines are ugly


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40 Ariana

Only cause Ariana Grande is apparently a jerk. What a shame, it's a really pretty name.

It's a cool name and all the Ariana's I know are really nice. Ariana Grande is awesome! #GOALS

If it was spelled with 2 n's my name is Arianna

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