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21 Melrose

Lmfao! I am not mean by any means of the word necessary. Melrose is short for Melissa Rose. Melrose just sounded cute. - MissMelrose

Melrose Is My friends Last name! And it is rude to judge a book by its cover anyways!

22 Stephanie

Stephanie was my best friend from school until a new girl came to our school. They started bullying pretty girls and always tried to get the boys attention. They didn't bully me obviously, because I was their close friend, but they were still mean. Years later when we started high school I found out she had anorexia. I feel so bad for her but I don't talk to her anymore.

I know a Stephanie she was really nice until the day she joined Jenny, jenny was a mean girl who always tried to get me to do what she wanted, she reeled Stephanie in and Stephanie teased me with her, R.I.P sweet Stephanie, I hope that Jenny dies in lava.

A Stephanie is one of my best friend and she is the sweetest, most caring person I know!

I know a mean girl that is named "Stephanie"

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23 Sharpay

This is the most evil name in the world. It also means you are dumb, annoying, and a show off who forces others to act like you're the centre of attention when you're not and you hate the people who actually are the centre of attention without having to make it so. I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU, SHARPAY EVANS. I HATE YOU!

If this was for movies, I might vote for it, but since about 3 people are named sharpay, I won't. - swrs1234

Sharpay just sounds bossy and rude, I guess. I can just see somebody named Sharpay strutting down the hallway.

This sounds like an evil villain because of, like, Sharp, and that sounds mean to me. I don't know - lovefrombadlands

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24 Gretchen

In Mean Girls the movie they use the name Regina

25 Brianna

My brothers ex-girlfriend was named Brianna. I liked at first, but then she broke up with him by TEXT. Who does she think she is? I totally think this is a mean girl name

Lots of rude people with that name

Don't even get me started on this name! Any Brianna I have known either wound up pregnant (yes there was more than one! ) or was just a mean person.

Briana? Sounds like Rihanna. - SwampertBABY

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26 Savannah

Stop getting so offensive about people posting your name or someone you know! its just a name!

There's a girl named Savannah at my dance, and she is popular and very nice. Some other good dancers that are popular think she says some bad things sometimes, though. - Myster

I know a Savannah and she is my best friend and she is caring sweet and loves animals

Savannah's a beautiful name, not a mean girl one.

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27 Conni

I have a friend names Connie and she is really nice and mean at the same time. She makes me cry every day and makes me so devastated I can't move but there are thousands of other nice girls called Connie. I feel sorry for them. I know all the Connie girls in the world can be nice if they choose to be.

Some of you are being very mean! Just because you had experiences with a few of these names doesn't mean the name is bad!

This is not a mean girl name if you want a mean girl name I'll give you one Terry Heller.

I think that if you are mean then your name is a mean girl name!

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28 Stacy

I have a family member named Stacy and she is a great person! This is totally not a mean girl name!

It just sounds like someone who would act like they're the queen and can order anyone they want around!

I knew one Stacey in primary school and she was so up herself!

Stacy is such a sweet name

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29 Alyssa

I know an Alyssa, she was horrible to my friend. It's a great name, and there's probably plenty of nice people with this name, but still voting sorry!

Two girls at my school are named Alyssa and it's not one nice or sweet bone in them. Also there on the cheer leading team

I know 2 Alyssa's, and they are sweet AND popular! They are my BFF's, so I don't think it sounds mean.

I know like 5 Alyssa's and all of them are snotty brats

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30 Bridget

I know someone whose name is bridget and is so rude I try to be the bigger person and all is does is talk about others. She is only nice when it is convenient

I just met a really mean Bridget and found this website.

Hey my girlfriend has this name and she is the sweetest girl I met in my whole life

Hmm Bridget is kindv a nice name because if you know Bridget from total drama island, then

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31 Tamara

I know a Tamara from high school. I walked by her in the hall and guess what? SHE PUSHED A GIRL WITH GLASSES AGAINST THE WALL AND SLAPPED HER!

When I read this I thought about the Tamara lol

Oh my gosh that sound so mean. this will be great in my story

Hey what you wanna do tomorrow Tamara? 😂

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32 Anna

Anna has always been one of my favorite names, and the Anna's I know are all nice. I'm even using the name as a main character in a story

DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?! Who ever suggested this obviously never watched Frozen... Just saying.

My name is Anna and I admit I'm mean, but only to those people who are mean to me but I really do hate my name. I just think Anna doesn't suit me lol.

My name is Anna and I don't consider myself mean, but I know another anna and she is a bit rude

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33 Madison

There was a popular girl called Madison in my old school. Many people liked her and she spit in my face and shouted at me a lot. She was absolutely mean. But I know there can be a nicer Madison.

Madison is a very very beautiful name u can't just go and make a website to write about names so u can hurt people's feelings that is just rude!

I know a Madison, and she is not nice! She says my new boots are trash and once dropped my umbrella in the rain!

Wow my name is Madison and I am not mean

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34 Victoria

When I was in 4th grade I knew a mean girl named Victoria who always made mean faces at me. She was bratty and stuck-up and always lied about me even if I never did anything mean to her. She was my friend Linda's bff and I'm 90 percent sure she gossiped about me. Sometimes she was nice to me, but the next day she was mean all over again! The name is kinda bratty, but I think Victoria is a very pretty name.

My cousin's name is Victoria. I surprised her once and she scratched my face

This is my name and it's a great name! I'm not mean at all.

My name’s Victoria... people call me Vicky or Tori. I may be grumpy but I’m not mean.

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35 Ariana

Only cause Ariana Grande is apparently a jerk. What a shame, it's a really pretty name.

It's a cool name and all the Ariana's I know are really nice. Ariana Grande is awesome! #GOALS


If it was spelled with 2 n's my name is Arianna

36 Chloe

My friend is Chloe, and yes, she may be a bit eccentric, but she is NOT mean! Please stop hating on names! Nice and Bad people would have these names, so it's offensive!

I only know two Chloe's and the ones I know are very mean. But that doesn't mean all Chloe's are

I'm going to Maul whoever put this On here like A bear My name is chloe

I knew 3 chloes.And their all pain in the butts.I'm sorry if you've got offended, its just MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

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37 Caroline

Caroline is a great name and I have two great friends named that! It's a really sweet name.

She is a big fat rumor spreading liar!

Carolines are ugly

Caroline Bingley. From Pride and Prejudice.

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38 Kayla

Oh, the name Kayla, DON'T get me started. It basically means, oh look at me! I'm so pretty! I'm great at everything! I'm SO popular!

I had someone named Kayla who was a horrible girl. She was pretty, popular, and was all "Look at me! I'm beautiful! I'm SO popular! I'm perfect at everything! " I agree with it being mean but I had another girl named Kayla who was so sweet. The 1st Kayla was a spoiled brat and whined and was so mean and rude.

I agree with this, this girl named Kayla was so mean to me in 4th grade - princessbabypeach


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39 Cassidy

I think this is a pretty name but can also have some sass to it. Also, a message to everyone defending names: I understand why you may feel the need to but no one is trying to offend you or your friends or your family or anyone you know. They are just trying to help writers or whoever needs this page to find a good mean girl name. Names do not define anyone, you define yourself. I wouldn't worry if your name is on here, you make up you, your name doesn't.

There was this smart and popular girl I knew called Cassidy. Everyone thought her shapeless bodied self was so pretty. She was like a stick and was kinda rude too

I met this one girl named Cassidy in high school and she was really bratty and always got detention.

Cassidy is one of my best friends names, and she’s super funny and sweet person.

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40 Erin

I love this name! Both for a mean girl and nice girl, fantastic name picks!

Erin Hunter lol

Erin's are evil

Erin Hunter and the Warriors series is more awesome than anything! ^-_-^

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