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41 Cassidy

I think this is a pretty name but can also have some sass to it. Also, a message to everyone defending names: I understand why you may feel the need to but no one is trying to offend you or your friends or your family or anyone you know. They are just trying to help writers or whoever needs this page to find a good mean girl name. Names do not define anyone, you define yourself. I wouldn't worry if your name is on here, you make up you, your name doesn't.

There was this smart and popular girl I knew called Cassidy. Everyone thought her shapeless bodied self was so pretty. She was like a stick and was kinda rude too

I met this one girl named Cassidy in high school and she was really bratty and always got detention.

I know a Cassidy! Last year, she moved to our school and ate lunch with me and my friends. She always was sorta snobby, but this year she saw Ananya, one of my friends, somewhere. Cassidy told Ananya she wanted to have pictures of all of my friends. She listed all of my friends except for me! I felt really left out when I heard. I had always made an effort to be nice to Cassidy. And this is how she repaid me?!? Thank goodness she doesn't go to my school anymore. She seemed to like everyone else more than me... :(

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42 Victoria

When I was in 4th grade I knew a mean girl named Victoria who always made mean faces at me. She was bratty and stuck-up and always lied about me even if I never did anything mean to her. She was my friend Linda's bff and I'm 90 percent sure she gossiped about me. Sometimes she was nice to me, but the next day she was mean all over again! The name is kinda bratty, but I think Victoria is a very pretty name.

My cousin's name is Victoria. I surprised her once and she scratched my face

This is my name and it's a great name! I'm not mean at all.

Hehe my sister is called victoria and I hate her cause shes me sis

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43 Kayla

Oh, the name Kayla, DON'T get me started. It basically means, oh look at me! I'm so pretty! I'm great at everything! I'm SO popular!

I had someone named Kayla who was a horrible girl. She was pretty, popular, and was all "Look at me! I'm beautiful! I'm SO popular! I'm perfect at everything! " I agree with it being mean but I had another girl named Kayla who was so sweet. The 1st Kayla was a spoiled brat and whined and was so mean and rude.

I agree with this, this girl named Kayla was so mean to me in 4th grade - princessbabypeach


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44 Erin

I love this name! Both for a mean girl and nice girl, fantastic name picks!

Erin Hunter lol

Erin's are evil

I love this name

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45 Addison

WHAT?! The most kind, caring girl I have ever met is named Addison!

46 Chloe

My friend is Chloe, and yes, she may be a bit eccentric, but she is NOT mean! Please stop hating on names! Nice and Bad people would have these names, so it's offensive!

I only know two Chloe's and the ones I know are very mean. But that doesn't mean all Chloe's are

I'm going to Maul whoever put this On here like A bear My name is chloe

Chloe from miraculous, I'm coming for you!

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47 Ava

A know an Ava and she is very young to be wearing makeup, let alone as much as she wears. She contours her face, does a smokey eye, Kylie lip kit, eye liner, fake lashes. That's just an everyday thing. She always wears leggings and very low cut shirts to "show off" and everyone calls her a ho. But I know another Ava who is extremely sweet and is a level 9 gymnast at only age 10!

God I hate Ava's. They're always super wealthy, always have great clothes and a preppy style (I am totally jealous) but they always are so exclusive and don't include anyone. Incredibly stuck up girls with lots of money and never ending eye rolling

One of my best friends is named Ava, I guess she can be a bit annoying at times, but all my friends get annoying sometimes, also thanks for the name suggestions, they were helpful!

I was looking through this site to find some names for two bullies, and was quite surprised to see Ava, because that's the name of my main character!

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48 Tia

My mom's name is Tia and she is the MEANEST

My friend's middle name is Tia, and she is the nicest person ever - natalily

My sister name is tia and she is the MEANEST too

I know someone mean called Tia

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50 Fiona

I have a friend called Fiona and she is the nicest person I have ever met and also she loves playing the flute

My name is fiona and to whoever said it is the stupidest name ever, it's a beautiful name.

I ounce had a stuffed frog named Fiona.

I have a friend named Fiona and she is super rude! She is always mean to me, and you can never disagree with her, without her getting mad:(

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51 Mia

I had a friend named Mia but she was super mean, so we're not friends anymore, but not all girls named Mia are bad! Names don't describe a person. And if your name is on this website, don't let it get to you! I'm sure you're a super nice person!

I used to know a mia, she was the meanest and the most horrible person I knew. Still, now we have a feud and we will never ever be friends

I had a friend with the name mia and she was so kind but after we weren't friends anymore because of rumours...

This girl bullied me named Mia that legit made me cry everyday! I HATE HERR

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52 Patricia

There was a girl in my ballet class named Patricia and she was a snobby brat. To this day when I hear the name Patricia I think of a high-maintenance girl carrying a chihuahua with a perfect bun that she insists only took her a minute (the strong smell of hairspray says otherwise). I have nothing against girls named Patricia, however the particular one I knew was very snobby.

My grandma's name is Patricia and she is so annoying. But she can be nice at times

Mom's name lol. She is very mean...jk

53 Amelia

I have a friend called Amelia she is really nice but, before she was not. I had a friend called Elizabeth I knew her all the way from preschool, and we were always in the same class. But on the first day of second grade she stole Elizabeth away from me. Every time I tried to talk to Elizabeth Amelia would just push me away. They also never included me in games. Sadly Elizabeth moved to Texas because her dad got a new job and also because Amelia told Elizabeth that I was spreading rumours about her which is not true. In third grade we were in the same class and, she always tried to be the best so the teacher would think she is the smartest. One day in class I asked if I could talk to her and she said yes."Look Amelia you are really nice and everything but sometimes you are kind of mean to me" I said. She started crying and said" I am sorry! ". Then we hugged and we became best friends ever since!

Go off and get stuffed! My sister's Amelia. I better not be hearing this again you stupid nerdy jerks. - donrodrigo

I have a friend named Amelia, and she is the nicest, sweetest person ever. Stop judging by how it sounds!

I'm called Amelia and everyone says that I'm really nice

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54 Sophie

I know a Sophie in my school and we sing together in a club, and she said I was jealous of her singing voice. In the library, she was right behind me with a friend, and she whispered (to a volume I could hear) : "That girl behind you has a really bad singing voice," and oh I heard it.

Sophie is not a mean name. I know tons of Sophie's who are totally 100% nice. That name sounds sweet, and does not sound mean. In fact, I'm writing a book, and Sophie is a GOOD main character.

Sophie, there are five Sophies in my grade, and all of them are awesome. Nice, smart and a lot of fun! I love you, Sophie

I normally use this name for the bully in most of my roleplays, this is the only name I agree with. Same with Brianna

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55 Jessica

Stop getting so offensive if your name is on here! its just a name! these people probably don't know you exist! there is 100% chance of your name being of here, and if you get offended, grow a stronger skin

Wow...i'm gonna kill the person who posted Jessica here...i'm Jennifer and Jessica is the name of my mom...

I have a friend named Jessica and she is the sweetest person on earth!

I'm Jessica lmaoo. A bunch of peeps names are on here so I'm not too offended. Ahaha, I think I'm nice though. Think. :P

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56 Shaelyn

That's my little brother's friend.

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57 Hillary

As in Hillary Clinton?

Lol I hope this is a joke or I'll be in trouble

This should be like 1.


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58 Bianca
59 Sierra

When I was going to daycare (I still do) There was someone named Sierra and legit she hated me she was like "Liar! " Or "What a crybaby! " Because I'm sensitive to very bad stuff and when I told my dad that he said to go up to them and fight then but I didn't because I'm not strong and there was a party and I brought my fidget spinner and she threw it in the trash.

My name is Sierra. I am not mean. If anything I am the one getting bullied by a lying girl.

60 Tara

I have to say that, once agreed, I don't think it's the name that's at fault, or that it isn't pretty. I don't think it defines a person, or that it's Tara's fault... unless she doesn't defy the predispositions. Don't let your name define you. It's the type of person, in the mindset they are in when they name their child that, the type of crowd they hang with etc. and all that changes with time. You don't have to be the person your mom might - I emphasize MIGHT have started you out as when she was a new mother.

Tara in my experience of four out of five, (didn't know the fifth well enough to judge fully) all were conceited, four were downright narcissistic, untrustworthy and couldn't keep their mouths shut. Three also had no discretion, sticky fingers and antagonistic. Followers who started drama for attention, in a big way.

I know someone named Tara and she is not just nice, but inspirational. I'm not hating on the person who made this list or think Tara is a mean girl's name, but once you meet a Tara, your life will be changed for the better. Trust me, I know.

I hate this name! I know a bitch in my school named Tara ansd she's mean to me! :( - StayAlive

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