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61 Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I am very offended. I can, in fact, say that I am a very sweet girl, have a lot of friends. I'm glad my name is past the 100 mark but the things people say about a name is terrible. I have a lot of friends, am quite popular, I am kind to everyone even people I don't like. How can names be "mean"? It's ridiculous

One of my friends is Jennifer! She's hilarious and quick witted and great person to be around. She can just lift your spirits and brighten up your day. She is quite short but makes up for her height in decibels. She incredibly loud! But she's Greek so...

I know a Jennifer and she's quite bratty and VERY spoiled

Jennifer is "NOT" a mean girl name!

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62 Shaelyn

That's my little brother's friend.

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63 Abby

I know an Abby that is really nice, kind, smart, and talented she is my sister and is so sweet

Abby is TOTALLY the name of a mean girl! I know a mean BRAT named Abby. She said that I'm a bully even though I'm not, and made fun of me.

I have a sister named Abby and she is awesome

64 Sierra

When I was going to daycare (I still do) There was someone named Sierra and legit she hated me she was like "Liar! " Or "What a crybaby! " Because I'm sensitive to very bad stuff and when I told my dad that he said to go up to them and fight then but I didn't because I'm not strong and there was a party and I brought my fidget spinner and she threw it in the trash.

My name is Sierra. I am not mean. If anything I am the one getting bullied by a lying girl.

65 Lily

Lily is the meanest girl at my school so I she should be up there


66 Olivia

"Hey guys! They are not talking about you or your best friend! They are saying sometimes not on any person in particular, But it can be a good snobby girl name. Right now I am searching for names to put in my story so they are not talking about ANYBODY! "

My best friends name is Olivia so just back off. She used to bully me but I found out that this mean girl was dragging her in to it. I have also got two other friends called Olivia and they are super nice. Two of them have brown of them has red hair.

My old babysitters name was Olivia but as I got older he started to become snobby. I happen to like the name Olivia though

Ya, my friend has been bullied by a girl named Olivia. She is SUPER MEAN and trys to get all the attention! ☹️

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67 Lindsay

I know a girl named Lindsay, and she s my former friend, former because she is so mean

Lol I'm writing a role play with my friends and sis, and my sassy diva/mean girls's name is Lindsay

I know a girl named Lindsay who curses way to much and shes only 12. - Curtis_Huber


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68 Molly

My friend's cat is named Molly. She's a super pretty long fur calico, but she doesn't really like people, except for my friend's mom who pets her fur the wrong way.

I know a really nice molly, and she's a close friend of mine. So, this website is so mean to some girls. Molly is in NO WAY a mean name.

Name of main character "Mean girl "Molly she is a bully and catty!

Yes definitely I have read a bunch of books with molly being the protagonist, or if u prefer the mean girl

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69 Paris

Should be Number 1. I know a girl at my school called Paris and she is the meanest mean that ever walked the planet of mean. She talks about everyone behind their backs, is a bully, a snob, bossy, a brat and just absolutely mean. I love the name Paris and when I met her, I was extremely disappointed. Unless you are like her though, I love all people named Paris.

I wrote a story in fourth grade and the mean was Paris. HATE THE NAME! TOTAL MEAN GIRL NAME! kind of sound like a cat name...and France. awful name

My best friend's name is Paris, but she can be a little rude and disrespectful to me and she is a bit hypocritical...

Paris Hilton. - StayAlive

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70 Tara

I have to say that, once agreed, I don't think it's the name that's at fault, or that it isn't pretty. I don't think it defines a person, or that it's Tara's fault... unless she doesn't defy the predispositions. Don't let your name define you. It's the type of person, in the mindset they are in when they name their child that, the type of crowd they hang with etc. and all that changes with time. You don't have to be the person your mom might - I emphasize MIGHT have started you out as when she was a new mother.

Tara in my experience of four out of five, (didn't know the fifth well enough to judge fully) all were conceited, four were downright narcissistic, untrustworthy and couldn't keep their mouths shut. Three also had no discretion, sticky fingers and antagonistic. Followers who started drama for attention, in a big way.

I know someone named Tara and she is not just nice, but inspirational. I'm not hating on the person who made this list or think Tara is a mean girl's name, but once you meet a Tara, your life will be changed for the better. Trust me, I know.

I hate this name! I know a bitch in my school named Tara ansd she's mean to me! :( - StayAlive

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71 Gretchan

I hate this name! Kidding I love everyone ( not Gretchen though ) ❤️

72 Tammy

There's this girl in my class and her name is Tammy, she's so ugh!

I am frankie?

My neighbor's dog is called this and she would never harm a fly(maybe a cat)-#graceLOL

73 Nicole

My dance teacher's name was Nicole and she's super funny and sweet.

I have a friend named Nicole and she is the sweetest thing ever

Hey, one of my best friends name is Nicole! Don't read into names

Yeah there's this mean adult lady in my neighborhood

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74 Julia

I read a book and there was this one girl that wrote a really mean blog about people and was always rude to people she didn't like.

That's my mom's name, you jackass! - Survivor101

I know a girl named Julia and she is so rude and obnoxious

My name is Julia and I’m said to be nicest in my class.

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75 Riley

MY BEST FRIENDS NAME IS RILEY! I know she can be a little bit rude but still! Even if she calls people fat and dumb! Even if she tells lies! Even if she does not keep a secret, Riley is not...or maybe it is because I just listed A TON OF THINGS that Riley does mean...? is it true? I hope Riley does not read this...

That is my best friends name! she is so nice and friendly! I find that very offensive

She is ONE OF THE WORST, I know a Riley, and she is a brat.

Girl meets world, Riley is anything but mean

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76 Sadie

My name is sadie and everyone in town likes me... oh well, it's better than getting my name in ugliest names

Haha this reminds me of Sadie from Awkward, and yeah she's not the nicest girl in town

MY NAME SADIE means princess. Princesses aren't mean!

My old best friend from when we were like 4-7 name was Sadie,

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77 Coco

Sounds like a name for a dog...

78 Kiera

I have a friend named Kiera, and she shows of all the time and is also really bossy.

This name reminds me of the Bachelor Australia 2016.


79 Serena

When I hear this name I think of sailor moon

Name makes me wanna puke.

That's my name

The Serena from my school is so rude to me, I'm suprised that she isn't in top 10. She is a showoff and has fake beauty and kindness, which makes boys go for her. I appologise if your name is Serena and you aren't mean, but Serena is my top number 1 meanest girl name.

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80 Noelle

I don't think this is a mean girl name because that's my name... I'm not considered mean

That's my name! I can't believe it's on this site because it's an uncommon name!


People who have the name Noelle,

You all are probably super nice people and are offended about your name being on this list,

People who come on this website are either super bored, or making a play and finding a name for their "mean character" which is why I came on this site. Everyone is different, so Noelle can also be considered a nice, kind name. Thank you **my name is not noelle

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