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81 Hannah

No offense to anyone called Hannah I'm sure you are all sweet, but there's this girl called Hannah in my class and we used to be good friends. She started to get really mean and flirty and rude, and she's only got one friend now

Once I knew this girl named Hannah at camp she kept trying to steal my BFF but soon she realized it wasn't going to work, my BFF and I had too strong a relationship, so we were friends at the end of camp

A girl called Hannah is really mean to me, no offense to anyone called Hannah or anyone who knows a sweetheart called Hannah, but the Hannah I know is a mean bean!

My little sister is named Hannah. She may be dramatic and annoying but she gets along so well with people

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82 Pacifica

GRAVITY FALLS! she was so mean to Mabel though

What a jerk she is. Rude to Mabel and Dipper

Gravity falls whats up with her attitude?

She's a blonde mean girl

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83 Lindsay

I know a girl named Lindsay, and she s my former friend, former because she is so mean

Lol I'm writing a role play with my friends and sis, and my sassy diva/mean girls's name is Lindsay

I know a girl named Lindsay who curses way to much and shes only 12. - Curtis_Huber


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84 Emma

My name is Emma and I love my name! All the other Emma's I know are SUPER nice and I love them all I don't think of myself as a mean person but honestly what do I know? I don't think this name belongs on this list cause as far as I can see really no one can say anything bad about the name Emma

That's my name and there's loads of Emma's in my school and there all nice besides one but she's just annoying not mean

I know an Emma, she is super cool and AWESOME!


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85 Molly

My friend's cat is named Molly. She's a super pretty long fur calico, but she doesn't really like people, except for my friend's mom who pets her fur the wrong way.

Name of main character "Mean girl "Molly she is a bully and catty!

I have a cousin named molly and I love the name!

I have a friend and cousin called Molly.

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86 Tammy

There's this girl in my class and her name is Tammy, she's so ugh!

My neighbor's dog is called this and she would never harm a fly(maybe a cat)-#graceLOL

87 Nicole

Not all Nicole's are mean but my mortal enemy in first grade was named Nicole. Mean and bossy. I also had a mean bus driver named Nicole.

My dance teacher's name was Nicole and she's super funny and sweet.

I have a friend named Nicole and she is the sweetest thing ever

Not to be confused with Nicole from Gumball

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88 Julia

I read a book and there was this one girl that wrote a really mean blog about people and was always rude to people she didn't like.

I know a girl named Julia and she is so rude and obnoxious

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89 Sasha

Wow I think this list is wrong but the comments on this name must really hate this name I don't because my friend is named this - lbelle0527

"Sasha" reminds me of "Sassy"

I hate this girl Sasha at my school! She's aweful


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90 Rachel

I knew a Rachel. She would always say mean things to my friend for absolutely no reason, and began to wear an extravagant amount of makeup starting from elementary. Plus, she was fake and dramatic. :/

I know there are other Rachel's out there that are complete sweethearts, but the Rachel I described, sadly, a disgrace to your name.

Enough said. *drops mic*

Thanks, to everyone who said Rachel isn't a mean name. (It's my name) I can imagine a stuck-up, self-centered brat named Rachel, though

Worst person I've ever met named Rachel. So fake, twiggy, evil rack of bones. Rich and showed off. Literally could attack her

My friend's name is Rachel and she's awesome! - natalily

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91 Keilana
92 Amanda

That's my friend at church.

That's MY BFF SHES amazing!

That's my name so I'm pissed. How is Amanda a mean name? People are so stupid.

I know an Amanda she is a little weird but I could not live without a weird friend! 🐱

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93 Haley

My name is isabella I am in middle school and I was bullied by a girl with this name I was so tired of this girl bulling me everyday that I hat very strong thoughts on committing suicide, but I did not.

Mt best friends name is Hayley, I mean she is like my sister, and she is the sweetest girl you could ever meet. I mean people do have there bad days but she never has one! Please, unless you know they are truly mean, don't assume, not yet. Get to know those people, first. I also wanted to say Hayley has one of the sweetest smiles, too. I am so lucky to have such a great friend :) I would never want to lose Hayley! - TheMazeRuner

I had a bad run-in with a Haley, some can be mean but not all

How is Haley mean?

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94 Audrey

I had a friend named Audrey. We are BFF's, we are both the best swimmers in the club we joined at that time. I'm so happy being with her until...she turns her back on me. Everything was fine, I got so many awards. She was jealous of me, she told everyone in the club not to be friends with me. I can't believe it. I know that she gossips about me a lot. Since then, everyone called me and her 'The Opposite'. After a while, she become very good at swimming, and she got so many awards. She pushed me off like I was no one, like I was not her BFF. Everyone follows her, only me and a few of my friends are left in the back. She is very rude to the officers in the swimming place. How do I know that? Some officers told me that. She keeps hurting me more and more. I left that swimming club for a while. Then, I heard that she quits the club too, because almost everyone didn't feel very comfortable. So, I joined the club again. She's older than me... When she wins a competition, she show it off to ...more

My name is Audrey, and I feel really offended. It's not nice that your name might be up, but that doesn't make you mean. So I really disagree with this website...

Audrey-Rose is an amazing name that everyone loves, she is awesome loving and an incredible leader. Website, don't say nice people are mean. Thanks

Sure, the name sounds sweet. But I know a girl named Audley and she's one of the meanest girls I've ever met

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95 Noelle

I don't think this is a mean girl name because that's my name... I'm not considered mean

That's my name! I can't believe it's on this site because it's an uncommon name!


People who have the name Noelle,

You all are probably super nice people and are offended about your name being on this list,

People who come on this website are either super bored, or making a play and finding a name for their "mean character" which is why I came on this site. Everyone is different, so Noelle can also be considered a nice, kind name. Thank you **my name is not noelle

96 Lola

I knew a girl named Lola. We were really good friends until one day she decided she hated me and turned all my friends against me. It also just kind of passes as a mean girl name.

There was this girl called Lola who always wanted to be in on the game when me and my friends were playing. It was really annoying, but I still think Lola can go for a mean name, because it sounds really snobby no offense to the lolas out there who are really nice.

Watch the Loud house to get the idea.

Loud house.

97 Lulu

No! Lulu is the cutest name in the world, it's the name of my little sister. No matter what you do, Lulu can never be a snobby name! Never!

Holy crap

98 Kat

There is some girl I know at my school and her nickname is kat and she awesome and sweet

I used to have a 'friend' named Kat, and she was just awful! She called all of my friends mean, selfish, and snobby, and clamed that they were trying to 'take me away from her'. She would throw little temper tantrums saying that I was 'too boring' and 'not good enough for her'.

My old friend called kat was a total bitch

99 Shamara

A dark girl I encountered that is void of human emotion carries this name as a first name. - Mynameiskeron

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