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101 Kat

There is some girl I know at my school and her nickname is kat and she awesome and sweet

I used to have a 'friend' named Kat, and she was just awful! She called all of my friends mean, selfish, and snobby, and clamed that they were trying to 'take me away from her'. She would throw little temper tantrums saying that I was 'too boring' and 'not good enough for her'.

My old friend called kat was a total bitch

102 Joelle

I know someone named Joelle and they are really sweet

"My friends cousin's name is Joelle and she is very sweet"

103 Marie V 1 Comment
104 Luna

Well, I have this worst enemy named Luna Zanna. But I have this REALLY nice friend named Luna Llano so I thought, why not put the full name? And yes, Luna Zanna is a little kid but can be REALLY MEAN - ChicaTheGamer

She's great when on you team, but when on the other team, you just insult her so badly. Referencing Dota 2 by the way. I personally think this name is really pretty though.

I think the name Luna is a very pretty and unique name. But I guess some people know Luna's that are mean.

Luna sounds pretty, but dangerous lol

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105 Ashleigh

My name is Ashleigh and my friends say that I am sweet, kind, and forgiving. This name does not always mean that the person with it is "mean".

I like the spelling "ASHLEY" better though

Wow that sounds even meaner than Ashley(its variation)

Pretty sure that the mean one is Ashleigh's mom...

What a awful name

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106 Megan

Every single Megan I have encountered (and I've encountered and personally known about 5 of them) are SUPER mean. They are bossy, condescending and fake as hell. Stay away from Megan's.

One of my best friends names is megan, and she is anything but mean, there can be mean megan's though

This is my aunts name! and she is super duper nice

Megan sucks

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107 Celia

I have this girl named Celia in my class she said but I didn't even say it

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108 Eliza

It's my little sister's name and she is 5 - 0744rose

Mean... - natalily


I know an Eliza.She can be mean when she wants to be but is overall pretty nice.i'm glad she was put in this place on the list.

109 Mariah

She is a girl in my class. She is annoying. She begs people for stuff.

I know a Mariah she is so sweet

110 Jaime

This personally sounds the meanest because it sounds like a tomboy name to me. Nothing against anyone who's name it is.

111 Kristen V 1 Comment
112 Paige

I know one Paige. She is okay but has had extremely bad run ins with so many people. We went to the same primary school and then I didn't see her for like 4 years. In primary school the Paige I knew what as big of a flirt as an 11 year old can be! She got expelled at her first school for flashing and then was bullied at her second school for the incident that happened at the first! She know goes to my school. I don't mind her but she is far from my favorite person because of all she's started.

I have a sister named paige she is in the middle she is mean and not mean

Paige is a name for a snake

Paige is mean your right

113 Christy

I know a girl named Christy and she is the biggest spoiled brat in the world. She looks nice when around other people, but she always tries to hurt me on purpose.

My friend's sister's name. Stop hating names!

That's my cousin's nickname BACK OFF.

114 Shaniqua

My friend, had a friend named Shaniqua and I met her once. She was a total brat, but her friend Chelsea was kinda nice, and so was her other friend Kelly. But Shaniqua was just plain mean.

The name itself frightens me! - mood333

Typical black mean girl name.

115 Mersades

You spelled Merceces wrong!

116 Vicky
117 Kelli

I agree with Kelli when I was in kindergarten she stole everything but I think the meanest is olivia.

I have an aunt kelli but she spells it like this: Kelly

My mom has that exact name and she is a snob

PJO, anyone? - natalily

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118 Madisen

Wow that's my name! Didn't expect that! See I'm not upset by this. People keep taking this to heart and just need to realize that there are millions of people who may possibly have the same name as you. Someone did not put your name on the list specifically for you, just someone else. So it's stupid to say things like "MY NAME IS ASHLEY SO GO TO HELL YOU JERK! " So calm the hell down!

I totally think this is a mean girl name because I read this story on Episode about the mean girl's point of view, and her name was Madisen.

No, it's a nice, cute little girl name

This is an adorable name!

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119 Vanessa

How silly- my mums called Vanessa and she is so kind and caring to anyone she meets. I think this name shouldn't be on here it's a cool name

There was a girl in my class. She looked exactly like what a Vanessa should look like. her name was Vanessa. Anyway, she had long black hair that always drooped over her eye, her lips were naturally really red. She was so pale. And mean.

This is my friends sisters name!

My name is Vanessa and damn right I can be mean if need be. I'll own that 😉

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120 Chantal

I know someone named Chantal and I love her like I'm her daughter

Don't really like this name...

I don't like the name, but it sounds a tad mean

My step mom's name is Shantelle...

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