Top Ten Names for Mean Girls


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141 Erica

I have friend named Erica she is very nice

142 Chara V 1 Comment
143 Massie V 2 Comments
144 Tess

My nickname for one of my best friends... - natalily

145 Eva
146 Adelaide

Adelaide may not be my favorite name, but it's really offensive how almost every name, including mine's is on. Just because someone mean may have that name doesn't mean EVERYONE with that name is mean.

147 Abigail

Hey! That's my friend!


148 Christi
149 Louise
150 Katrina

The name of the costliest hurricane (and natural disaster) in U.S. History. Enough said. She also killed 1,800+ people.

151 Iris

Pretty mine sounding name but sweet at the same time

152 Jasmine
153 Jordan

I know a mean girl named Jordan...

154 Ronnie
155 Rammy

What kind of name is Rammy?

156 Jaquanna V 1 Comment
157 Ally

This is a modern, but a bit mean name.

Oh my name is ally and I am a twit. I'm so dorky dah���"���"

Ally was a total bitch to me when a girl told her I hated her

158 Sophia

There is a evil popular girl in my gym class named Sophia, she is the worst person to ever exist! She blackmails just about everybody who she classifies as a loser or a nerd, she spreads rumors about everyone, even her evil minion friends Sabrina and conni! She has even made one kid get an concoction when we where playing volley ball in gym class! Ounce she cut my friends hair in History class! One kid almost had to lose there pinkie toe because of her and blames the not so popular people on it!

There was this girl named Sofia in my class for five years.She was so manipulative and just plain awful! She was a jerk to anyone she thought was prettier than her!

I know a sophia and she's mean

Ugh there wa schism girl in my class who was gossiping that I harassed hr and she's WAS bully to my friend Sophia's are AWFULL

V 4 Comments
159 Beatrice

I disagree, Beatrice is a beautiful name I can't even imagine any girl named Beatrice being mean - mery_484

I'm so sweeet! Lol

Have u seen OTGW, Beatrice was kinda careless but not mean. She redeemedd her self in the end.

160 Hira V 1 Comment
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