Top Ten Names for Mean Girls


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141 Zara

Always! Zara's are clever and mean.

My name is Zara! I'm so glad this isn't on the top ten! But I did know a Zara who was really stuck up and full of herself.

Got bullied by a Zara 😡

142 Karina

Okay, when I was eight, I met a girl named Karina. We were friends until we were ten when I my five dollars from the tooth fairy was missing after she went home. Yep, she stole it, along with several of my little sister's toys and apparently it wasn't the first time she'd stolen from someone and once I was at her house and she cussed out her mom. According to my sis, she was mean to her when I wasn't in the room. Yeah, I hate that name. Sorry nice Karinas, but I had a BAD experience with one of you. You know who you are!

I hate this name it's so ugly so never name your kids Karina

Because my sister bullied her and is a very mean person

A Karina bullied me first,then realised I was the only person to speak to when her other friend Angel was gone and made up with me

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143 Payton

I use this name for my role plays, but its spelt Peyton

Payton she was really nice

This is my middle name!

I knew girl named

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144 Becca

I know a becca, and I know a lot of people who don't like her.

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145 Leah

That sounds like a nice name. also, I'm Lia and I'm not mean, but there is a mean person in my sister's class named this - lovefrombadlands

Hey, that's the nice girl in my book!
In my other book the nice girl is called April.

Grrr I'm Lia so why?

146 Erica

I have friend named Erica she is very nice

147 Chara V 1 Comment
148 Massie V 2 Comments
149 Tess

My nickname for one of my best friends... - natalily

150 Eva
151 Adelaide

Adelaide may not be my favorite name, but it's really offensive how almost every name, including mine's is on. Just because someone mean may have that name doesn't mean EVERYONE with that name is mean.

152 Abigail

Hey! That's my friend!


153 Christi
154 Katrina

The name of the costliest hurricane (and natural disaster) in U.S. History. Enough said. She also killed 1,800+ people.

155 Iris

Pretty mine sounding name but sweet at the same time

156 Jordan

I know a mean girl named Jordan...

157 Ronnie
158 Rammy

What kind of name is Rammy?

159 Jaquanna V 1 Comment
160 Ally

This is a modern, but a bit mean name.

Oh my name is ally and I am a twit. I'm so dorky dah���"���"

Ally was a total bitch to me when a girl told her I hated her

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