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161 Sophia

There is a evil popular girl in my gym class named Sophia, she is the worst person to ever exist! She blackmails just about everybody who she classifies as a loser or a nerd, she spreads rumors about everyone, even her evil minion friends Sabrina and conni! She has even made one kid get an concoction when we where playing volley ball in gym class! Ounce she cut my friends hair in History class! One kid almost had to lose there pinkie toe because of her and blames the not so popular people on it!

There was this girl named Sofia in my class for five years.She was so manipulative and just plain awful! She was a jerk to anyone she thought was prettier than her!

I know a sophia and she's mean

Ugh there wa schism girl in my class who was gossiping that I harassed hr and she's WAS bully to my friend Sophia's are AWFULL

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162 Beatrice

I disagree, Beatrice is a beautiful name I can't even imagine any girl named Beatrice being mean - mery_484

I'm so sweeet! Lol

Have u seen OTGW, Beatrice was kinda careless but not mean. She redeemedd her self in the end.

163 Hira V 1 Comment
164 Ashton
165 Adrianna

I know a gorgeous, popular girl with this name, and she is sweet as cotton candy and as down to earth as daisies!

I knew an Adriana and she was a brat. she bullied me in kindergarten through 8th grade

I know a really nasty girl with that name

I have a friend named Adjriana and she is not mean at all

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166 Mary

My grandmothers name is Mary and she is very very nice

That's my kind aunties name.

I had a friend called Mary and she was American. At first she was mean because I was drawing a card for my mum and then she mad the u in mum be and O. But now she's better and she is sisters with Olivia Swinton from the voice kids 2014 and the girl in Les Miserables.

167 Daisy

That's my name and I don't bully but I know a girl called Daisy chapman and she's a bully but luckily she's not in my class! I also hate my name!

Daisy is one of my fave names & flower, these people should really remove this

This is so pretty! not mean! a daisy is my moms favorite flower!

What?! Daisy is the best name ever its BEAUTIFUL! :(

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168 Parker
169 Carla

I know a Carla,she was bullied by her classmates.They took her pens away,ruined her hair,sprinkled her hair with seaweed(a snack) and paper and tear up her homework! Things nearly got out of hands before I stopped it!

I had a classmate named Carla.She seemed nice at first but as time flew by, she became mean.
Carla was really nice until our teacher made us change our seats.I ended up with her crush.
Afterwards, she talked about me behind my back.I found out because she told my BFF mean things about me.Then my BFF told me what she said.

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170 Joclien

I know a girl with that name spelled Jocelin and she used to be my friend until she backstabbed me by cyber bullying me and spreads rumors about me. Later on she threatened me to not tell my parents when she hurt me for not treating her like a queen on her birthday.

What kind of spelling is this? Is this supposed to be another version of Jocelyn? - natalily

That's my because she evil

Awww, I know a Joclien, and she is one of the sweetest people ever.

171 La-Shafa

Anyone named La Shafa wouldn't be a bully, their mom would be - natalily

La shafa, sorry but I just died inside

I knew a La-shafa who bullied my friends!

Uhhh are you kidding

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172 Boomquifa

This sounds like a nickname for a fart no offense

Oh my god dying of laughter. No disrespect if your name is this though... Just when you say it aloud it sounds... interesting?

Lol one of the other comment practically made me cry laughing

LOL - natalily

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173 Linda

Linda is my grandmothers name how dare you put it on this list

174 Alianna
175 Danielle

Danielle is my name and I am a sassy girly girl I do agree and I'm 10 years of age

176 Jezabel

Sounds like a demon name

I knew a Jezabel, she turned people against me,when I told her off she whined to the teacher and her little "friends" supported her and I got punished even through SHE followed me around and talked crap. If you read this go rot in hell!

Got this from a bible...-.-


177 Raquelle

Raquelle=evil queen. I can't even say anything about it.

, that name=mean. There isn't 1 Raquelle out there that is actually decent! This name sounds so much like pure evile! No wounder they chose this name for Barbie's number 1 enemy!

Raquelle sounds even meaner than Raquel.

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178 Jenny

That's my name

Not very mean...there is a Jenny at my school and she is kind of a nerd...

Gah! This girl was in my class.She hated me for talking to her crush.She would make me look stupid in front of him and bully me and made me look like I started it. Everyone but my friends believed her.I got detention for it.Jenny was a total teacher's pet.I decided to take revenge,when she bullied me my friend recorded it and I had proof that she was the bully.We gave it to the principal and she would be expelled if her mother didn't pull some strings.

179 Lila

My name is Lila! I wouldn't really consider myself as mean though

I agree, Lila is kinda a mean name.

Lila is a perfect name!

180 Camille

There was a camillewho was mean to me but a big kid who was a boy in my school shaked her head a lot and then me and the male big kid werer friends

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