Best Names for Poop


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1 S**t

Yes. This list is getting funny - andrewteel

This list is getting funnier - andrewteel

If you don’t want to swear say Shih Tzu

This list is very dumb.

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2 Poop

What it is called anyway, so why not?

If this list suck, then why are you voting on it? - westofohio

Why is there a list created to list all the nauseating titles of "poop? "

This should be #1. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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3 Turd

Ever heard of the Turdinator? (True story)

I have a pet turd-le

4 Dung
5 Logs
6 A Duece

Buhdeuce is hot - jimmynutrin

Sorry I'll pick at random I got to drop a duece.

7 #2
8 Hersheys

Yum I love to eat it - jimmynutrin

Now I lost my appetite for chocolate. Thanks to this list


9 Crap
10 Caca

Kaakaa is the spelling for pros

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11 Dookie

Dookie. Is s ogo - jimmynutrin

I heard that on Elmo's Potty Time. - andrewteel

Think Oh Henry bars

Anybody want dookie cookies? - pupcatdog

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12 Taking The Browns To The Super Bowl
13 Gassy Squirtin' Brownies

Lol! - DaWyteNight

14 Ass Spit

... Laugh out loud - KyleMan2000

15 Hash Browns
16 Poopoo

I made a poopoo one time an dit hurt my bunghole

Get this higher!

17 Chocolate

Yay - jimmynutrin

Yummy I like eating chocolate for my tummy! poop!

18 A Bomb
19 Guano

The nicey nice word for poop.

20 Brownies

Once I mistook poop on a plate for a brownie and I ate it. It was yummy.

If this is true, then you are nasty.

21 Potty

This is a good name for a toilet

Mostly for pee not poop - westofohio

22 Moom

Ahhh that's real good - UsernameHere

23 Poopa-loopa

Great list dude - galaxyfox

24 Jobby
25 Butt Biscuits

So funny laughing my head off

26 Dump
27 Poopy

Why am I here? - RedTheGremlin

28 Barbecue Sauce

Once I tried poo as BBQ sauce it was good

29 Fudgenuggets

Brb have to take a fudgenuggets

30 Justin Bieber

Good one! - westofohio

31 Doo Doo
32 Poo

Poo-poo is my favorite

33 Sludge
34 Land Mine
35 Ass Art


36 Donkey Art
38 Brown
39 Duds
40 Cocoa Puffs

This made me laugh. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

41 Ass Chocolate
42 Mist
43 Anal droppings
44 Peanut
45 Diarrhea

I love to poop diahhrea - jimmynutrin

46 Droppings
47 Pellets
48 Scat
49 Poot

Actually that's another word for fart. - RedTheGremlin

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