Top Ten Names for Preppy Girls

Most popular school girls have these names. You can still be cool without them.

The Top Ten

1 Gracie

My name is and grace. I not trying 2 brag but I literately turn heads.

That is m sister

Gracie is my BEST FRIENDS name. Lol. 😊

2 Savannah

Whoever said it's a fat and ugly name is fat and ugly, you shouldn't call girls fat or ugly, it really hurts there feelings.

I personally think this name deserves more. You guys are being big bully's pushing your own opinions out to everyone's face. Go suck a dick okay.

Hey that's my name why you wenr't talking about me right I hope not I don't want to be call fat and ugly even if I'm fat

You guys need to stop being rude
Because I have a friend Savannah and she isn't fat or ugly

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3 Ashley

Same I'm Ashleigh nickname ash - Missyleigh

Ashley for número uno! Sweet!

My name is Ashley and everyone knows my nickname, Ash. ���"

4 Alexis

I think it is a cute name

It's so white I love it


5 Lauren

This is my name and me and my sister both got preppy names even though she's a prep and everyone says I'm alternative. I hate how it's said in other languages though

There's Lauren more preppy but Laura is a completely different thing.

Wow my little cousins name and shed preppy too

Lauren is my name so I vote for it

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6 Mikayla

That's an aeesome name

I got so excited, I thought this said mikela (me ky Ella) I got excited because I know the sweetest girl who's name is mikela.

I think Mikayla it"s like the Romanian name Mihaela but i,m not sure

7 Brittany
8 Hannah
9 Ashlyn
10 Chelsea

My name is chelsea and I like preppy style

I know a Chelsea, she spies on my friend and I for someone that hates us against her will…

The Contenders

11 Morgan

Wow I love that name

I hate this name

12 Haley

I know a certain Haley in my school. The one who's bossy and has glasses just like me and gives me a werid look every time I go pass her. What's wrong with my glasses? - JaysTop10List

13 Winsley
14 Melissa
15 Kendra
16 Lexi
17 Piper

I think it's fun, funky, and totally PREPPY

18 Niki
19 Marissa
20 Sara

Wow best name ever and it means princes

21 Missy

Such a cute name ♥

For all cute girls and possibly pets too🌸

22 Nevaeh

It's a really preppy name

23 Kaitlin

I know 4 girls with this name and their all preps

24 Zelda
25 Zoseth
26 Carolyn

How is this a preppy name? - RockFashionista

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