Best Names for Stampy's New Dog


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1 Chase

When you yell Chase, it will chase you. - EverythingStampyStyle

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2 Gregory lll

Well the name sounds unique. And I love the name chase too! - Kiteretsunu

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3 Run

When you yell "RUN", he runs away. - EverythingStampyStyle

4 Awaiting Approval

When A Sign says awaiting approval, it tells you to take awaiting approval. - EverythingStampyStyle

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5 Hello

When You say "Hi" in any sentence, Hello should be taken. - EverythingStampyStyle

6 Crazy Dog

Crazy Dog would be the employee at Crazy Cow Milk Bar - EverythingStampyStyle

7 Bark

When you bark, bark comes. - EverythingStampyStyle

8 Cake

Stampy is probably the biggest cake lover in the world. Why not express this through dogs?

Stampy whould love the name cake although he might want to eat him

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9 Fire

When there is a fire, take fire. - EverythingStampyStyle

10 Backup

When Lee is gone, Backup is Lee for the day. - EverythingStampyStyle

The Newcomers

? Jolly
? Lovely

The Contenders

11 Swim

When you take Swim, Go swim, so Swim could swim. - EverythingStampyStyle

12 Cedric Jr
13 Cole

It's a boss name and it sounds like "cool"

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14 Pupcake

Such a cute name great pun as we'll xox

15 Doggy
16 Sherbet Junior
17 Holly
18 Stanley
19 Layla
20 Pooop
21 Sewige
22 FunBun

Cause why not? - iCrazy

23 Barnaby II
24 Boss
25 Ralph
26 Creeper
27 Shakespeare
28 Aqua Jr.
29 Krystal
30 Bones
31 Stampy Jr.
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