Best Names for Stampy's New Dog


The Top Ten

1 Chase

When you yell Chase, it will chase you. - EverythingStampyStyle

Listen to stampy

2 Gregory lll

Well the name sounds unique. And I love the name chase too! - Kiteretsunu

When he takes Gregory Jr. He takes Gregory lll. - EverythingStampyStyle

3 Run

When you yell "RUN", he runs away. - EverythingStampyStyle

4 Awaiting Approval

When A Sign says awaiting approval, it tells you to take awaiting approval. - EverythingStampyStyle

Lol I get cause all his signs say awating

5 Hello

When You say "Hi" in any sentence, Hello should be taken. - EverythingStampyStyle

6 Cake

Stampy is probably the biggest cake lover in the world. Why not express this through dogs?

Go cake! - iCrazy

Stampy whould love the name cake although he might want to eat him

Stampy keeps cake in his room, so he can watch Stampy eat cake - EverythingStampyStyle

7 Crazy Dog

Crazy Dog would be the employee at Crazy Cow Milk Bar - EverythingStampyStyle

8 Bark

When you bark, bark comes. - EverythingStampyStyle

9 Fire

When there is a fire, take fire. - EverythingStampyStyle

10 Backup

When Lee is gone, Backup is Lee for the day. - EverythingStampyStyle

The Contenders

11 Swim

When you take Swim, Go swim, so Swim could swim. - EverythingStampyStyle

12 Cedric Jr
13 Layla
14 Cole

It's a boss name and it sounds like "cool"

He's right

15 Pupcake

Such a cute name great pun as we'll xox

16 Doggy
17 Sherbet Junior
18 Holly
19 Stanley
20 Pooop
21 Sewige
22 FunBun

Cause why not? - iCrazy

23 Barnaby II
24 Boss
25 Ralph
26 Creeper
27 Shakespeare
28 Aqua Jr.
29 Krystal
30 Bones
31 Stampy Jr.
32 Lovely
33 Jolly
34 Stampygoodnose Jr.
35 Stam
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