Best Names for a Stripper

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1 Alexis

I really don't know why, but this sounds strippish.

2 Jasmine

It would be way more stripperish like Jazmine.

Wow ok yeah this is ment for baby's born a stripper.

3 Diamond
4 Jade
5 Candy

Ya I like it

6 Layla
7 Tiffany
8 Kaylee

A name I just see when I think of strippers.

9 Stevie

I can so see this in a stripper.

10 Precious

The Contenders

11 Miley

Since Miley Cyrus just LOVES to go naked!

Kinda makes sense here

12 Tara

Typical bad girls name

13 Amy
14 Jesse

Popped right into my mind.

15 Gesabelle

It sounds like a slut's name

16 Ginger Snap
17 Starr

Yes, the second r makes it THAT much more stripper-ish.

18 Crystal
19 Senna

Think of this name.

Yeah this so does

20 Kassi

Think hard! You just SEE it in a stripper!

Maybe... I just thoudht on voting on something - Hunter17p

21 Bubbles
22 Priscilla
23 Kristi
24 Violette
25 Angelle
26 Kandi Korn
27 Stormy
28 Merimba

I made it up, but I made it up for a stripper name cause it just sounds like it!

29 Cotton Candy
30 Sparkles
31 Jujubee

Think about it. It sounds so slutty.

32 Kookie
33 Jewelle

It's pronounced Jewel, but stripper names have extra letters to be more... Unique.

34 Lucky
35 Jenine
36 Micki
37 Spice
38 Cinnamon
39 Kaytee
40 Kandi

The spelling really does make a difference.

41 Syndi
42 Ciara
43 Kimber

Google Kimber henry if you've never seen nip/tuck

Its explains it self.

44 Angel
45 Jillian
46 Kandy
47 Vanilla
48 Poppy
49 Jewel
50 Sandy
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