Best Names for a Stripper

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1 Alexis

This is my stripper name so of course I have to vote for it.

This is a hot name

I really don't know why, but this sounds strippish.

2 Jasmine

It would be way more stripperish like Jazmine.

So lush!

She’s my woman and I love jasmine so much. She’s my sexy private stripper.

Wow ok yeah this is ment for baby's born a stripper.

3 Jade

Lets go stripper

4 Diamond

Perfection made possible.

Fabulous darling

Sounds Cheap

She's great... in... be. I mean class.

5 Candy

Good looking woman

Mm-mm, wonderful.


I love candy!

6 Tiffany



7 Layla

My new stripping name

8 Precious

All of I can think if is Golem obsessing over The One Ring.

How Innocent.

9 Amy

Very classy

She’s a babe

10 Crystal

My moms name is crystal. Guess what she is...

First name that comes to mind when I think of strippers


shimmering, dazzling.

The Contenders

11 Tara

Typical bad girls name

Hell yeahhh

12 Stevie

I can so see this in a stripper.

13 Kaylee

A name I just see when I think of strippers.

Just what I think of

14 Miley

Since Miley Cyrus just LOVES to go naked!

Kinda makes sense here

15 Ginger Snap

there is a movie called ginger snap I don't what its about but there is one

a rapper's name as a former stripper.


Love it

16 Jujubee

Think about it. It sounds so slutty.

17 Cinnamon

My friend deemed me 'Cinnamon' when he decided I was gonna strip. Definitely love this stripper name

I have red hair and if I were going to be a stripper this would be my name!


Eat neame

18 Stormy


Nice ; )


19 Starr

Yes, the second r makes it THAT much more stripper-ish.

Extra slutty

20 Kookie

Jungkook a stripper now...

21 Butter

why the hell would call yourself butter is that really a sexy name?

Some guys like butter

22 Vanilla

I like this

23 Sparkles


24 Gesabelle

It sounds like a slut's name

25 Kandi

The spelling really does make a difference.

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