Top Ten Names for Toms That Should Be In the Warrior Books


The Top Ten

1 Toms
2 Sparkfur

A gray strip tom with blue eyes like a new ashfur - Skyheart

3 Tigerfur

A orange tom with black strips - Skyheart

4 Onewhisker

Already a Cat from Fire And Ice And On!

A white tom with black paws - Skyheart

5 Thunderfur

A jet-black tabby tom with blue eyes. Thunderkit liked to stick by his mother in the nursery and usually he didn't play with his sister, Cloudykit (black and gray she-kit with blue eyes) because he was scared to, though his sister was really gentle and playful. Thunderfur only came out when Echokit (a white she-kit with green eyes) came out of the nursery, she was a half a moon younger and very slender and pretty. Echokit loved Thunderfur and when they became Thunderpaw and Echopaw, they spent more and more time together until they became warriors, than Thunderfur mated with Echoflower and they found out Echoflower was expecting kits. They had Ravenkit (A black tom-kit with blue eyes later Ravenfeather) Sparkkit (a white tom-kit with green eyes later Sparkfur) and Goldenkit (black and white she-kit with green-blue eyes later Goldenleaf) the only one of the litter to have kits of their own was Goldleaf, who mated with Leaffall (A brown and ginger tom with brown eyes) and they had ...more - Swiftdawn

6 Lightningbolt

A orange tom - Skyheart

7 Ravenfeather

Pitch black - Skyheart

8 Leaffall

A brown mixed with orange tom - Skyheart

9 Darkshadow

A pitch black tom - Skyheart

10 Bloodfang

The Contenders

11 Jayflight

Blue-gray Tom with cream and black patches and Icey Blue eyes

12 Jaysong

Gray tom with black and cream patches and muzzle

13 Dawnshadow
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