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1 Darksword

The name sound so evil yet charming

Nice name for a Young Authors paper involving wolves

Beautiful Dark name

All of these names come from a YouTUber�"actually TWO!

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2 Badass

I just love the name Badass


3 Silversoul

Silver soul is the best name for a girl ware wolf because it is not for a boy and I don't like names with curse words

I love the name

Werewolves are allergic to silver.

Description. Think DESCRIPTION.

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4 Snowstorm

I think that the name snowstorm is a name that represents patience and kindness

It's a lovely name for a white wolf and I love snow

5 Kittyrocker
6 Vixen


7 Winterwaker
8 Gunner

It seems like a cool name - DatBoiSquirtle

Sonds like a gun

9 Oak

Oak, a wonderful she wolf that went insane.

Her story:

She was just a little pup,her fur color was just like the bark of oak so her parents called her oak. She was a very nice,smart,gentle pup till one day it all change. she was an apprentice at that time,her mate striker (yes striker is the one that I made) ranked to her and told her that her parents and him were walking along on a mountain to find a good home for her pack and they both got killed by an mountain lion. she went to tears and blamed it on her mate for not risking his life for her parents (she didn't wont him to die she just wanted her parents to see what the pup looked liked and what would they do). Another horrible thing happened. i new she wolf named shimmer was flirting with striker and she Went to tears. Striker left her and went with shimmer. oak decided to leave the pack and just... disappear, but one day when she was was just walking into the devil forest, she met a guy named hawk. Hawk was the old ...more

WAOH awesome name for a wolf!

10 Nightsoul

Hmm.. I like this name. I could imagine a dark grey-black male wolf with a misty white chest, and dark blue eyes. Here is a random backstory I made for him(you can use it if you want; I really don't care):
Father: Moon
Mother: Snowsong
Siblings: Dusty(male), Cloudpuff(male), and Ash(female)

Nightsoul was born in the wilderness. He had three siblings; they loved to play outside the den together. He wasn't born into a pack, though. He assumed that he was his parent's first litter. One day, a bear came to their den when their parents were out hunting. The pups hushed one another and cuddled up silently in the den, keeping to the shadows and hoping it would go away. Just then, their parents were dashing up to their home and realized that a bear was waiting. They both sprang into action and were fighting it, when Dusty wandered out to try to help his parents. Dusty always acted as if he was brave, but Nightsoul knew he truly wasn't. Just then, the bear snatched Dust ...more

Nightsoul just sounds so cool for a dark dark dark black wolf imma use this name for every wolf game I play :3 and here’s another wolf name I don’t think it was in this list but here’s the name OH WAIT I forgot I had two names to share well here are the names! Mystic & Misty

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11 Water


12 Shipwrecker

Sounds like a pirate

*Ques the Pirate Song from LazyTown*

13 Furboy/Furgirl
14 Springstorm
15 Shaded Mist

Amazing it reminds me of a misty eerie morning good job

16 Akiba

I liked this one a little bit better because I just wasn't into Super-Nova and Akiba sounds pretty nice, so yea. ^-^

17 Shadow-Claw

Age:whatever you wish
He was abandoned we he was a pup he taught himself to hunt, fight, protect himself, etc. When he was older he met a mysterious wolf named Lunar and fell in love she didn't know though. They have gone through many adventures like... escaping volcanoes, waterfalls, and more!...
OK that is all for now. you can think of the rest

This sounds nice I like it

It’s ok but I would use it

18 Hardcoreclaw
19 Sky

A name that represents an beautiful and loyal wolf that protects and respects family and the rest of it's pack.

20 Wolfstery

Hell yeah!

nice name

21 Shadow
22 Dark Moon

Badass and mysterious, makes a great she wolf name. Can be two sides to a wolf. Most will see the light side, but every wolf has a dark side, just like the moon.

23 Lucky

Lols I forgot to say you coment first you be this wolf

Yes,I do like that is a very well known name.

Age:your age)
Likes: to make people have goodluck,having be wanted and cared,etc)
Hates:to see people mean to her,called names,being hated,etc)

24 Snowrush

Beautiful. A white wolf with glowing blue eyes. She has long fur and a bushy tail. A scar parts the fur between her shoulders and she has long claws. She has got black rings on her head and paws. Beautiful name for a beautiful wolf.

My fursona.

25 Bloodmoon
26 Akela Akela

The wolf leader in the jungle book, easily one of the most memorable wolf characters

27 Okami
28 Death

The horror began...this is a male wolf name but you can use it as a female name!
If you coment first you be part on my wolf story called
"the secret life's"

I need these names for a wolf on avakin life!

29 Silent Flame

This name is for a wolf who is beautiful, mysterious, and often underestimated by her quiet nature. Get to know her, and u will find that she is very bright and lively. Get on her bad side, and… just don't

30 Moondust

She's a quite wolf with white fur.

Great for a grey or white wolfves

31 Stark
32 FireLight
33 MoonCatcher

I mean, If I had to make one in a minute that would be hard I would probably choose this name... MAYBE..

34 Kizana

I really like this name because it sounds really pretty and honestly a preppy name it is for a female (if you didn't notice) also it is a name from a game called Yandere Simulator the girl that has this name is the president of the drama club

35 Redneck

I made this meaning up for this wolf name but this name represents a wolf with a dark soul but a gentle heart this named redneco had many scars from many battles he was a born leader but he is a loner

36 Shadowfang

Emplying a deep mystery. Strong and Sharp.

37 Lucan

Lol I don't know

Remember the word Lycan that means werewolf

38 Starlight

I love this name because it is from a book series that I know called the Wings of Fire.

39 Dasker

I think this name is quite charming yet it fits a male alpha

40 Lenny
41 Cree

Do you like high noon

42 Accalia

Dude this is the best name. It literally MEANS she-wolf!

43 Anthony
44 Mooncaller
45 Creeksong
46 Nightflash
47 Minx
48 Nightmare Nightmare

Its just badass

49 SuperNova
50 Echo

€I think Echo means word of death moon and means powerful,Strong,brave and fast.And good for Female Alpha.This word always make me think about pain so I think it’s about dark past too.Just that is all what I think about this name.”

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