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1 Darksword

Most of these names are something those annoying Wolfaboos come up with! I'd name my Wolf OC something like Luko or Fino, instead of just combining two words into one!

Nice name for a Young Authors paper involving wolves

I think it's a pretty good name for a wolf who is black.

The name sound so evil yet charming

2 Snowstorm

Anything with Storm just catches my eye. I love that name and it makes the wolf sound strong, smart, pretty, and fierce. I think Storm alone should’ve been added to the list. Snowstorm is pretty too.

I think that the name snowstorm is a name that represents patience and kindness

It's a lovely name for a white wolf and I love snow

3 Badass

I just love the name Badass

4 Silversoul

Werewolves are allergic to silver.

I love this name

I love the name

Ew, that's a horrible name!

5 Vixen

I love this name. I called my female oc Vixen

I just love the name vixen

6 Kittyrocker

So sweet and sounds like a Neko name! I'm perfectly fine with it having the word "Kitty" in it

That sounds wrong

7 Midnight
8 Akela

The wolf leader in the jungle book, easily one of the most memorable wolf characters

The mother wolf in jungle book, one of the best names

9 Mashira
10 White Fang
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11 Winterwaker
12 Gunner

It seems like a cool name

Sonds like a gun

13 Blizzard
14 Okami

This is my orc oc's name, this name is so beautiful

I think it is a beautiful name that should be shared with everybody who is a furry :3

"who is a furry" own furies r the best!

15 Nightsoul

Hmm.. I like this name. I could imagine a dark grey-black male wolf with a misty white chest, and dark blue eyes. Here is a random backstory I made for him(you can use it if you want; I really don't care):
Father: Moon
Mother: Snowsong
Siblings: Dusty(male), Cloudpuff(male), and Ash(female)

Nightsoul was born in the wilderness. He had three siblings; they loved to play outside the den together. He wasn't born into a pack, though. He assumed that he was his parent's first litter. One day, a bear came to their den when their parents were out hunting. The pups hushed one another and cuddled up silently in the den, keeping to the shadows and hoping it would go away. Just then, their parents were dashing up to their home and realized that a bear was waiting. They both sprang into action and were fighting it, when Dusty wandered out to try to help his parents. Dusty always acted as if he was brave, but Nightsoul knew he truly wasn't. Just then, the bear snatched Dust ...more

Nightsoul just sounds so cool for a dark dark dark black wolf imma use this name for every wolf game I play :3 and here’s another wolf name I don’t think it was in this list but here’s the name OH WAIT I forgot I had two names to share well here are the names! Mystic & Misty

16 Mooncaller

Nice I like it!

17 Oak

Oak, a wonderful she wolf that went insane.

Her story:

She was just a little pup,her fur color was just like the bark of oak so her parents called her oak. She was a very nice,smart,gentle pup till one day it all change. she was an apprentice at that time,her mate striker (yes striker is the one that I made) ranked to her and told her that her parents and him were walking along on a mountain to find a good home for her pack and they both got killed by an mountain lion. she went to tears and blamed it on her mate for not risking his life for her parents (she didn't wont him to die she just wanted her parents to see what the pup looked liked and what would they do). Another horrible thing happened. i new she wolf named shimmer was flirting with striker and she Went to tears. Striker left her and went with shimmer. oak decided to leave the pack and just... disappear, but one day when she was was just walking into the devil forest, she met a guy named hawk. Hawk was the old ...more

WAOH awesome name for a wolf!

18 Shadow-Claw

Age:whatever you wish
He was abandoned we he was a pup he taught himself to hunt, fight, protect himself, etc. When he was older he met a mysterious wolf named Lunar and fell in love she didn't know though. They have gone through many adventures like... escaping volcanoes, waterfalls, and more!...
OK that is all for now. you can think of the rest

It stands out to me I've always had a dark side

I think it would go great for a black wolf

This sounds nice I like it

19 Wolfang
20 Amaterasu
21 Water
22 Bloodmoon

I love the bloodmoon and its one of my fursuits name bloodmoon is also my oc's name she is a dark black wolf with red hair but I love using this name

I love Blood Moons and I think BloodMoon is a PERFECT name for a wolf who loves battles.

23 Wolfy
24 Wolfgang
25 Shipwrecker

Sounds like a pirate

*Ques the Pirate Song from LazyTown*

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