Best Names for a Wolf


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1 Darksword

The name sound so evil yet charming

2 Badass V 1 Comment
3 Snowstorm
4 Silversoul

Silver soul is the best name for a girl ware wolf because it is not for a boy and I don't like names with curse words

5 Kittyrocker
6 Winterwaker
7 Water
8 Gunner

It seems like a cool name - DatBoiSquirtle

9 Oak

Oak, a wonderful she wolf that went insane.

Her story:

She was just a little pup,her fur color was just like the bark of oak so her parents called her oak. She was a very nice,smart,gentle pup till one day it all change. she was an apprentice at that time,her mate striker (yes striker is the one that I made) ranked to her and told her that her parents and him were walking along on a mountain to find a good home for her pack and they both got killed by an mountain lion. she went to tears and blamed it on her mate for not risking his life for her parents (she didn't wont him to die she just wanted her parents to see what the pup looked liked and what would they do). Another horrible thing happened. i new she wolf named shimmer was flirting with striker and she Went to tears. Striker left her and went with shimmer. oak decided to leave the pack and just... disappear, but one day when she was was just walking into the devil forest, she met a guy named hawk. Hawk was the old ...more

V 1 Comment
10 Vixen

The Contenders

11 Shipwrecker V 1 Comment
12 Nightsoul
13 Furboy/Furgirl
14 Springstorm
15 Hardcoreclaw
16 Shaded Mist
17 Lucky V 2 Comments
18 Death

The horror began...this is a male wolf name but you can use it as a female name!
If you coment first you be part on my wolf story called
"the secret life's"

I need these names for a wolf on avakin life!

19 Lenny
20 Cree V 1 Comment
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1. Badass
2. Darksword
3. Snowstorm
1. Darksword
2. Silversoul
3. Badass



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