Top Ten Names If TheTopTens Users Were Warrior Cats

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1 Wolfstar (Wolftail)

Congrats, Wolfstar! You are number one! - IcetailofWishClan

Congrats wolf!

I love this list. :D - Wolftail

WolfStar hmm what aboot StarWolf!... video game reference! - Curti2594

2 Hawkstar (PositronWildhawk)

Well guess what! It's not hawkfrost and even with that hawkfrost is awesome this is an awesome name

Why is some cat named after evil Hawkfrost?!

Reminds me of hawkfrost... Wonder how the series would have played out it he did become leader of riverclan... Epic name!

3 Sillystar (sillykitty)

The name is silly and I am silly. This is the name for me!

To think about it she would be a good medicine cat - AnonymousChick

This one is just humorous - Curti2594

Sounds like a kittypet name.

4 Mysterystar (Anonymouschick)

Kinda hard to pronounce...

This is my favourite.
I also like Kindstar... :). - Britgirl

5 Lizardstar (Sevenlizards)

Sounds like he has a striped pelt and maybe a temper.

6 Turkeystar (Turkeyasaylum)

Laugh out loud. Just sounds funny yet awesome - AnonymousChick

7 Pugastar (Puga)

What's a puga?

8 Kindstar (Britgirl)

Doesn't really sound like it fits Warriors, don't ya think?

Sounds just aboot right! - Curti2594

This is an actual name in an RP I'm doing

What about Goldenstar? Since Britgirl has a golden heart! :D - Wolftail

9 Patrickstar (PatrickStar)

This is hilariously perfect. Simple, effortless, perfect. - BKAllmighty

, this is the funniest one on here. Totally effortless

Again with the kittypet incident - AnonymousChick

This needs to be higher up!

10 PigeonStar (PigeonWing)

Now THIS is a genuine Warriors name. I like! 😺

The Contenders

11 Adminstar (admin)

This is just good

What's an admin?

Sounds like 'Administor' cx

12 Oliveleaf (Oliveleaf)

That is me! - Oliveleaf


13 Hyperstar (superhyperdude)

Sounds like a epic name. - Chaotixhero

Kinda a mouthful...

I roleplay warriors on roblox, and this is auctually the name I use.

14 Coolstar (CoolCat999)

Let's go surf, duuude...

15 BKAllStar (BKAllmighty)

Mightystar would be better. :l - ListRoxy12

16 Stormverstar (Stormver101)


17 Brokenstar (Brokenangel)

I remember this user! She made the list top tenders who like warrior cats. - AnonymousChick

This is like the only name on this page with comments on it.

That warrior cat is evil he killed his father - speed


18 Diamondstar (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)

"Diamondstar sounds okay, but the other name (that I'm not going to take the time to type) is a little long...

19 SuperStar (SuperBacca)


20 SanjayStar (SanjayandCraigSucks)

SanjayandCraigSucks, some people really like Sanjay and Craig. Don't insult it.

21 Sunstar (Sunfeatherfire)

Cool! I LOVE ThunderClan's Sunstar! #MoonflowerxSunstar4life! Screw MoonxStorm

22 Icetail (IcetailofWishClan)
23 Bloodstar (BloodFang)

Yayyyy! But he’s deputy... guess the leader died - FrostfeatherofSnowClan

24 Frostfeather (FrostfeatherofSnowClan)

Lol yes - FrostfeatherofSnowClan

25 Hawkfrost (Hawkfrostlover101)
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