Top 10 Names Liberals Call People Who Disagree with Them

The Top Ten
1 Racist

When are Liberals are going to grow up and respect other peoples opinion? If they don't have the same opinion as non liberals and start disagreeing with "certain topics", then they should deal with it! Yes people can be racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. But what can Liberals do? What can you do? The answer is NOTHING because everyone has their own opinions and we should respect that! Or if Liberals are going to call anyone out for disagreeing with them (Liberals), then they should at least keep it to themselves and ignore it. What if a simple argument has grown into a aggressive fight? Who knows! The answer: Respect other people opinions, no matter how much you fully disagree, because an argument over little things like that is NOT worth it at the end!

Unless they are a minority because "minorities can't be racist" according to them.

They see racism everywhere it's not.

This word has lost its meaning

2 Nazis

Many liberals are closer to Nazism than conservatives. "Nazi" is National Socialism.

Not all conservatives are

3 Misogynist
4 White Supremacist

According to them, if you're white then you're an evil white supremacist who is to blame for slavery, even though Africans we're enslaved by their own people. It's even worse if you've got money.

5 Sexist

Everyone is!

6 Homophobic
7 Narcissist
8 Islamaphobic

So? People don't like Muslims is NOT a big deal.

9 Fascist

A word that has been thrown around a lot in 2020 by people who clearly don't know what fascism is.

10 Patriarchist
The Contenders
11 Uncle Tom
12 Russian Bot
13 Hate Spreader
14 Toxic

They like this because they can use it for people who are clearly not racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc. Mainly used by the reception wikis to cancel people they disagree with.

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