Top 10 Names to Name Your Sims


The Top Ten

1 Jezebel

One of my sims is named this. To me, I think it's beautiful and shes named after a butterfly. - PrincessKiana

2 Chris

My sim's husband is named Chris. - PrincessKiana

3 Cara

*GASP* A list, about the Sims! Sometimes, I name my Sims something like "Herdatc Urandp" pretending that it's Simlish. Cara is a nice name, too. - Merilille

That's my girl sims name. - PrincessKiana

4 Tristan

Tiffany is a child of Cara and Chris and she has a son named Tristan, I think it's cute. - PrincessKiana

5 Serenity

I'm thinking of making one of my sims have a girl named Serenity, the name is absolutely gorgeous and it reminds me of a mermaid. - PrincessKiana

6 Clayton
7 Tiffany

That's another one of my sims, she is evil and self-assured and has short black hair and has a baby boy named Tristan. - PrincessKiana

8 Robert
9 Sasha

That's the first born child of the Robinson family, aka my sims. - PrincessKiana

10 Elyse

There is a girl named Elyse from school and I like it and I plan on using it soon. - PrincessKiana

The Contenders

11 John Stamos
12 Jasmine
13 Gianna

She's the youngest daughter of Cara and Chris.

14 Mezzi
15 Saphira
16 Tanni
17 Hope
18 Riyad
19 Billy Bob Jim Bob Joe

Say it three times fast. It'll grow on you.

20 Ashton

Perfect for baby boys that are nice
Madison Coggins

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