Top Ten Names Which Aren't Pronounced How They're Spelt

Why can't names be spelt how they're pronounced? It would make life a whole lot easier. If you know of any more, feel free to add.

The Top Ten

1 Niamh (Neev)

Born 'n' raised in Niamher-Niamher Land.

2 Mialejandra (Me-alleh-han-dra)
3 Aoife (Ee-vah)
4 Tenagne (Ta-non-ya)

Last name, Wasteland.

5 Orlaithe (Or-lah)
6 Caoimhe (Kee-vah)
7 Oisin (Oh-sheen)

Oh... Shi...! :).

8 Tadhg (Teeg)
9 Siobhan (Shuh-vawn)

Thanks to you, I've learned something new! We are not very talented with languages, and I can tell that most of the people in France would pronounce S-i-o-ban (like for Siobhan Fahey which we probably pronounce completely wrong!). Not to mention the other names which also amazed me!

Sometimes people visiting France take it for snobbism, here's the sad truth: the average French can't speak another language well enough to conduct a conversation (and some don't even master French properly!). However we're generally with good will!

Don’t believe me, or want to watch a fun video about it? Go watch "What The F*** France - La Langue Anglaise" (he talks in English, and it lasts 3mn), it’s an Englishman who lives in France and makes fun of our weird habits, it's hilarious.

* I replaced the u, I don't know if the comment was removed because of that. I've put quotation marks to indicate it was a title, and not some swearword which I shall have added randomly ...more - Lotuscandy

10 Seamus (Shay-mus)

The Contenders

11 Jesus (Hey Sus)
12 Sean (Shawn)
13 Trageerame (Dra-jee-l-meh)


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