Top Ten Names With the Weirdest Meanings


The Top Ten

1 Mary (Bitter)

And I thought Mary was a nice name... - Wolftail

2 Kennedy (Ugly Head)

Hopefully nobody named Kennedy is reading this... laugh out loud! - Wolftail

3 Cecil (Blind)

Haha! This one is cruel. - Wolftail

4 Leod (Ugly)
5 Cameron (Crooked Nose)

Actually, in ancient Greece, having a crooked nose symbolized leadership!

I just had to add my brother's name here. Haha! - Wolftail

One of my school bully's name - Iamcool

6 Darcy (Dark One)

I think I know someone called Darcy. - Wolftail

7 Blair (Peat Moss)

Peat is some kind of decomposed vegetable matter on boggy ground, and moss is something in a forest. The combination of the two isn't the best meaning for a name. It's actually kind of weird. - Wolftail

Sounds like the appropriate insult for the former Prime Minister with this name. - PositronWildhawk

8 Conan (Hound)

Quite fitting for a dog, but for a person? No. Just no. - Wolftail

9 Suri (Pig or Pickpocket)

Are the parents of this child deciding on his/her future based on their name? Laugh out loud! - Wolftail

10 Wanda (To Gain Fat)

This is just cruel. - Wolftail

At least my mom isn't named this! - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 Jordan (River of Judgement)

Perfectly fitting for the Jordan I know. :D - Wolftail

12 Aleister (The Master of Sex)
13 Gideon (He Who Has a Stump In Place of a Hand)
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