Naruto Characters that Should Have Gotten More Screen Time

This went well with my RWBY one and I decided to do one for Naruto. Lots of characters in Naruto get pushed off to the side more than they should. Sometimes you wish these characters replaced the main characters. Now to avoid hate from the rabid fanbase of Naruto, these are just my opinions. You're free to add in your own. I'll leave ten suggestions and the rest is up to you.

The Top Ten

1 Kurenai Yuhi Kurenai Yuhi

Didn't they have a ninja interview on Kurenai in one of the Naruto Shippuden shorts? - TwilightKitsune

They could've done so many things with her Genjutsu, and her abilities, she has so much swag it pains me to know they threw it away - Enmanu16

2 Deidara Deidara Deidara is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Deidara is my favorite character. Courtesy of fillers, I got more scenes with him in the anime than in the manga, for which I am grateful. Since I find him to be such an outstanding character, I would have appreciated even more scenes with him. - Crwth

3 Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha, Shisui of teleportation. Shisui in the Naruto series is part of the Uchiha clan which is one of the strongest clans in the series. Shisui was given the title "Shisui of teleportation". This is because he was one the only person to ever master the body flicker technique. Shiusui was one more.
4 Neji Hyuga Neji Hyuga
5 Iruka Umino Iruka Umino

I was torn between Temari and Iruka, but Iruka really DID deserve more screentime. Once the initial arc was over, he basically got that filler arc with Mizuki and that was about it. I loved this guy and he needed more love overall - taishisohma

What did he do aside of scolding people? - Enmanu16

6 Temari Temari

Temari's one of the few female characters I think that didn't get screwed over. She was sassy and brave. Best female character in Naruto. - HoneyClover

7 Kiba Inuzuka Kiba Inuzuka
8 Sakumo Hatake Sakumo Hatake
9 Haku Haku
10 Pein Pein

The Contenders

11 Kakuzu Kakuzu
12 Hanabi Hyuga Hanabi Hyuga
13 Tobirama Senju Tobirama Senju
14 Shino Aburame Shino Aburame
15 Tenten Tenten
16 Kimimaro Kimimaro

Giving him a separate slot from the Sound Four. His relationship with Jugo was a nice contrast to how his clan normally acted and his overall character was something that could have made up for an interesting story arc. - CrimsonShark

17 Sakon Sakon
18 Tayuya Tayuya
19 Kidomaru Kidomaru
20 Jirobo Jirobo
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