Naruto x Sakura


This ship has a lot more chemistry than Naruto and Hinata (which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever) though less than Naruto and Sasuke.

I never understood this couple. The shippers say that naruto loves sakura and should be with her. But they also say sakura does not love sasuke and should move on from sasuke (even if she says a million times she loves sasuke and naruto does not understand her). Why can't they think the same for naruto too? He does not have any reason to like sakura either. He was only obssessed with her. In chapter 3 Naruto manga he says the reason he liked sakura was because she was obssessed with his he was only competitive...that's why he was behind her.
I don't like ships where the girl should like a boy just because he is nice to her. Naruto is not even that nice to her. He disguised as sasuke and wanted to say mean things to her just so she can hate sasuke. So he was willing to hurt her feelings to win his game. He is also very pervy to her and does not respect her boundaries. But naruto always respectd hinata because he had true feelings for her. He also had reasons to like ...more

Naruto is much better either Hinata. But Sakura is great too. You can tell, Sakura really likes Naruto and Naruto was a huge role model for her. She wouldn't be where she is without him. - LordKeravrium

I always wanted this ship from the start but when I heard Naruto x hinata was cannon, I was devastated but I grew to like that couple a lot.

Makes sense to me. They interacted more than Naruto x hinata.

I don't know I thought Naruto deserved to get the girl and Sakura had grown up to be a better person to him. I liked their bickering.

I HATED Sakura, I hated this possible ship. Sakura is a whiny brat who has this creepy crush on Sasuke. I was literally doing my happy dance when Naruto falls in love with Hinata.

This couple never fails to make me cry. It's just so sad because there was so much development in this couple. It kind of disgusted me that Naruto didn't confess his love to Sakura at some point. I mean sure, NaruHina is really cute and all but for real, they didn't have any screen time and development until the end, which is why they are my least favorite pairing. NaruSaku had so many precious moments that you can't help but smile when you see them. They just have a warm aura that makes me happy. But again, sad because it never came to be. It's ok though, NaruSaku will always be my favorite ship, and will be forever in my heart.

This was the ship that I really hoped would work out ever since I've started watching the show.

Naruto deserves so much better than Sakura. - Slytherinlover

Out of all the ships they have the most development. Sakura might have never admitted it but I feel like she had a small liking for Naruto, and we all know Naruto was in love with Sakura. I was really surprised when I found out they didn't end up together. I mean NaruHina is cute but they have NO development at all, and SasuSaku just doesn't make sense. I really wish that they had gotten together but obviously Kishimoto was blind when writing the last chapter.

It should of happens Naruto like Sakura at the beginning too

Um...Naruto already had a two kids with Hinata and Sakura had one with Sasuke.

Naruto deserves better than this.

Yeah this ship is just no... Sakura's too abusive towards him so it'd never workout. Plus Naruto practically deserves Hinata. - CaptainMowzker

This was honestly way better then NaruHina Hinata annoyed the crap outta me. It was cute at first but then grew annoying.

Naruto and Sakura could have made a good pairing if Kishi chose to take that road. Could have. Sakura slowly realizing that Naruto has always been there for her, that she was wrong about him, that he is more worthy of her than Sasuke, bla bla bla, could have been a really great character development and would have helped her character immensely. But the way he chose to wrote Sakura just destroyed any possiblity. He chose to make her a fangirl until the very end. Pfff - Amilee

Yeaahhh... I like them... But I don't want it to happen... Because SasuSaku are the best! - archiesweirdmysteries

I was sort of cheering for them in the anime because I thought that they would be absolutely cute together, I mean think about it but I also rooted for sasuke and sakura in fanfic because I liked the idea of a cold hearted jerk and you get my point. but narusaku was my ultimate in the anime. KAWAII!

The two are just SO CUTE TOGETHER! From a lemon to a lime to an all ages fic, this couple is mostly IC and never fails to put a smile on my face. NaruSaku will be my favorite pairing until the end of the world.

Here're more NH fans with the same complaints arghh so annoying. I'm tired of "Hinata loves him that's why NaruHina is better than NaruSaku". They never care about Naruto. I saw so much dirt from them about Naruto. He's idiot because he didn't saw how much Hinata loved him. He has bad taste because he called Sakura cute. They protect The Last where he doesn't understand difference between love to ramen and love. This is not my Naruto. My Naruto is the one who found powers to protect the girl he loves from Gaara and Sasuke. Who blushes around her. Who understand why he loves her. Who developed his love to her through all manga not through one genjutsu. And Sakura who always was next to him, believed in his dream, who saved him. Here're my Naruto and my Sakura!

They have had more character development and the naruHina thing was kinda rushed t words the end. I like this couple because there so cute and I think kibahina or sasu Hina would be better

To be honest they should of happend like seriosly Hinata pops out a scarf and Naruto is magically I love with her cough cough forced ship meanwhile if narusaku happend it would make sense

"Makes sense to me. They interacted more than Naruto x hinata."
Well DUH! Naruto & Sakura r on the same team. Hintata was on a different team & had her own work to do, therefore was unable to communicate with Naruto most the time. Just because they r forced together & r on the same team doesn't mean Naruto should've been forced with Sakura

I like this ship, though I'm pretty neutral towards the NaruHina SasuSaku NaruSaku wars, although I do support this ship.
I understand why NaruHina made more sense, but I'm just saying that it would be pretty nice if they ended up together.