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41 Sasori x Sakura

She can be his puppet slave, that makes their relationship interesting

For some reason I think they are a good couple


I just ship it. because it makes senses.

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42 Kakashi x Obito

Love this couple. First of, they're two of the hottest characters in Naruto. Secound- the ANGST! The drama- everything. Kakashi changed his life because of Obito and Obito didn't hesitste to give up his life for him. Sure, he was in love with Rin, but it's time to move on He cares more about Kakashi than he lets on. They are just so perfect... And that line Obito said to Kakashi; "I want to fill that void in your heart. Ask anything you desire, and in the world I'm creating I'll give it to you." So... CUTE!

YeS please slay Me nOW

Damn why can't you both married each other TT


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43 Gaara x Sakura

Like it or don't I don't care it cute.

If only I would own Naruto then I would for sure put in this cuuttee :3

I love this ship so much and there are a few signs of GaaSaku in the original Naruto film and manga


44 Madara x Hashirama

Finally, someone posted it!

Oh yes, that one's fun. During the war, Madara was so eager to meet with Hashi again, it made me smirk.

Madara wanted to meet Hashirama again but then he got rejected :P

YES YES OH YES OH GOD YESSS. It is so borderline canon and there are so many hints, so much innuendo there and I love it. They belong together. HashiMada makes me so so happy! Beautiful pair. True and tragic love. S P E C T A C U L A R.

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45 Matsuri x Gaara

Good lord this couple is cute! Gaara's determination to get her back after the Celestial ninja took her just kind of sealed their future relationship for me.

46 Kakashi x Naruto V 1 Comment
47 Orochimaru x Kabuto

Really? How is this not more popular! I love this relationship! It seems so obvious that it's almost canon

This should be WAY more popular!

Perfect why isn't it higher

Best yaoi in history. Hey, Mitsuki is Orochimaru's son and he has grey hair like Kabuto!

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48 Naruto x Kiba

Yes! I love this pairing and I write this pairing it is the best by far.

Every time I look up Naruto x kiba, I find yaoi pics for some reason.

The most amazing couple ever. Hater say what ever you like but these two are meant to be

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49 Naruto x Anko

One of my personal favorites actually

What am I doing

50 Konohamaru x Hanabi V 1 Comment
51 Deidara x Sakura

He is explosive and she was more explosive with her temper and all but, Deidara is more like a cool mature boyfriend if he wasn't obsessed with killing Uchiha. They would be like the normal couple with adorable antic

52 Choji x Shikamaru

Shikamaru was the one that was first nice to choji, and Choji really likes Shikamaru. Even if it's platonic you can't deny that.

Shikacho is way to good for this fandom.

53 Kiba x Ino

I like the comment below and I agree wholeheartedly.

Most saracastic couple at all time! Could you guys imagine their kids? I mean.. seriously.. they would be the most arrogant (ofc not in the pain in the *** way but ya know..) and handsome kids at all time! And I kinda like the idea about Ino who's such a barbiegirl with an attitude with a guy like Kiba who's more like a relaxed streetboy who loves pissing people off, but for sure would do everything to protect his lady - They're a perfect matct.

54 Deidara x Ino

The blond guy and the blonde girl with similar hair styles.

That's because they're blond and share similar hair style? - irismatidia

Wonderful. Two people who don't know each other suddenly shipped together.

That's so stupid

55 Kisame x Itachi
56 Zetsu x Tobi

Zetsu and Tobi are so cute together!

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57 Madara x Mei

This couple is mahor crack and so is my taste in ships but I loved the little flirt on the battle field and I think they look hot together.

58 Kakashi x Rin

I just love them... Who cares if you ship Rin with Obito and Kakashi with Mei? But I love them, Rin loved Kakashi, just like Sakura loved Sasuke! Obito loved Rin like Naruto loved Sakura before! Obito is overreacting of Rin's death! Kakashi shed tears for her! For the last time... KAKASHI didn't KILLED RIN! IT WAS RIN'S FAULT! IF YOU READ CHAPTER 629 YOU'LL UNDERSTAND! RIN WANTED TO DIE BY THE HANDS OF THE ONE SHE LOVED AND THAT IS KAKASHI! KakaRin forever <3!

59 Kakashi and Jiraiya

They are perfect for each other.

That is just gay

40 year difference.
"Let's ship a 20 year old with a 60 year old because they're both perverts! "
In that case...why don't we ship Orochimaru with Iruka? Like, why not? Judging by the logic of the people who actually like this abomination of a ship...

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

60 Neji x Gaara

These two stoic men are so cute together. They get so many ships I'm surprised it wasn't on here sooner. - GoldenGoddess51299

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