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61 Pein x Hidan V 1 Comment
62 Hidan x Jashin V 1 Comment
63 Deidara x Sakura
64 Akamaru x Tonton

I know it's weird: a pig and a dog, but still. They are both just too adorible, yet only when Akamaru was little, I mean if Akamaru was 100x bigger than TontonI it just wouldn't reall work out too well.

65 Sasori x Ino
66 Akamaru x Pakkun
67 Rock Lee x Karin

They don't even know each other besides lee love sakura

68 Adalet x Sakura
69 Gaara x Tenten V 1 Comment
70 Hidan x Shikamaru

Hell no! Shikamaru wants to kill him for gods sake!

71 Jiraiya x Orochimaru
72 Naruto x Haku V 1 Comment
73 Madara x Tobirama

He got jealous of Hashirama.That's why he is so mean to Hashirama.

V 1 Comment
74 Naruto x Fu

They know what its like to be treated like a jinchuuriki, plus Fu is just like Naruto and Yugito has a cold exterior that would drive Naruto to get closer to her

V 2 Comments
75 Izumo x Kotetsu

Come on, who doesn't ship them even though they are barely ever in Naruto aha

Come on these two are always together

V 1 Comment
76 Gaara x Matsuri V 1 Comment
77 Temari x Sasori

I don't know why but I just ship them. They're from the same village, both are very beautiful and I love this ship!

78 Killer Bee x Yugito

Never really thought about it, but now, considering possibilities... cute

79 Itachi x Sakura
80 Neji x Hinata

I know Neji and Hinata are related... but still. Neji hardly even smiles at Tenten, yet a lot of people ship them just because they're seen together so much. After finding out the truth about his father's death, Neji was so nice to Hinata and considered her a very special person to him. He even sacrificed his life for her and Naruto. Naruto and Hinata were both considered failures before, but they still aren't much alike. Tenten hardly even reacted to Neji's death, while Hinata was trying hard not to cry, but still ended up shedding several tears. See? This shows that Hinata cared much more about Neji than Tenten ever would. Naruto and Hinata... it just doesn't work for me. I guess they're still a good couple. Just my opinion.

They are my favorite characters... I support this ship more than Naruto x Hinata or Neji x Tenten

If they weren't related then they would be an adorable ship

Neji and hinata deeply care for each other, supporting each other physically, understanding each other's pain.
And why else would the members of hyuuga clan all look alike? intermarriage!

V 2 Comments
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