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61 Pein x Hidan V 1 Comment
62 Hidan x Jashin V 1 Comment
63 Akamaru x Tonton

I know it's weird: a pig and a dog, but still. They are both just too adorible, yet only when Akamaru was little, I mean if Akamaru was 100x bigger than TontonI it just wouldn't reall work out too well.

64 Kakashi x Sakura

Even thought the age difference is a little big in the regular world in the anime world age is sort of non-existent. Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach is also a very popular couple but rukia's over a hundred years older then Rukia. Kakashi deserves someone. Sasuke's a bastard who's tried to kill Sakura multiple times. They really fit each other. Sakura is loud and angers quickly while Kakashi is mysterious and doesn't like talking about his past. They just fit and balance each other out.

He's perfect for her. They fit. He care for her and much as she him. Their chemistry is perfect

Teacher and student things like this are the cutest!

Yes yes YES - DerpyPolarBear

V 5 Comments
65 Sasuke x Sakura

No chemistry. No development between the two, hate it. HE DIDN'T LIKE HER AT ALL FOR LIKE A FULL SEASON AND HALF! But towards the end their supposed to get together for a happy ending? Bull! - FandomPsychoGirl

love it

Hell no ailike narutoxhinata better

Ohh... Sorry for adding it gain by mistake... I didn't know it was already added... You see the moron comment item.. That was mine... SasuSaku should be on the top ten... - archiesweirdmysteries

66 Sasori x Ino
67 Sasuke x Karin (SasuKarin)

Hell no. Karin is just pretending to be with Sasuke. Sakura is a MUCH MUCH better fit

So no. Karin I stupid. Sakura can kill her with 1 blow

Yeah I like this ship

Sorry. Sasuke x Sakura is waayy better

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68 Choji x Ino
69 Akamaru x Pakkun
70 Rock Lee x Karin

They don't even know each other besides lee love sakura

71 Adalet x Sakura
72 Gaara x Tenten V 1 Comment
73 Hidan x Shikamaru

Hell no! Shikamaru wants to kill him for gods sake!

74 Sasuke x Itachi

Sasuke only cares about Itachi. Itachi only cares about Sasuke. This is so obviously canon that it hurts.

Hell no if you look back in chapter22 sasuke wants to kill itachi

No good. Incestuous AND fruity.

75 Jiraiya x Orochimaru
76 Neji x Hinata

I know Neji and Hinata are related... but still. Neji hardly even smiles at Tenten, yet a lot of people ship them just because they're seen together so much. After finding out the truth about his father's death, Neji was so nice to Hinata and considered her a very special person to him. He even sacrificed his life for her and Naruto. Naruto and Hinata were both considered failures before, but they still aren't much alike. Tenten hardly even reacted to Neji's death, while Hinata was trying hard not to cry, but still ended up shedding several tears. See? This shows that Hinata cared much more about Neji than Tenten ever would. Naruto and Hinata... it just doesn't work for me. I guess they're still a good couple. Just my opinion.

They are my favorite characters... I support this ship more than Naruto x Hinata or Neji x Tenten

I love love LOVE this couple. They clearly care for each other and in light of the shinobi world, cousins inter-marry to keep the blood-line pure.

If they were not cousins I would ship them - Starryskys122

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77 Itachi x Sakura

I actually like this ship for some reason I like them together - Starryskys122

It is great

78 Naruto x Haku V 1 Comment
79 Madara x Tobirama

He got jealous of Hashirama.That's why he is so mean to Hashirama.

V 1 Comment
80 Naruto x Fu

They know what its like to be treated like a jinchuuriki, plus Fu is just like Naruto and Yugito has a cold exterior that would drive Naruto to get closer to her

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