Sasuke x Naruto


First off, I really rooted for Hinata. She was her own underdog. But even I noticed Naruto never returned his feelings to her, not until the movie (which I consider one big filler episode). On more than one occasion, Hinata conveyed/declared her love to Naruto. She made her confession during the time she saved him from Pain. You'd think Naruto would've acted differently toward her at that point. But Naruto doesn't. Instead, the series continues on as if Hinata never made her confession. Even when Naruto is grateful for her motivational words during Obito's attacks and holds her hand to transfer his chakra to her, you get the sense he's acting out of camaraderie than intimate interest. There's also no chemistry. It's adorable seeing Hinata struggle to get Naruto's attention and Naruto being too much of a derp to notice. But once Hinata revealed her feelings, Naruto doesn't do much with it. Rather, he expresses more of himself toward Sasuke (and Sakura) than with Hinata.

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At the beginning of the show, and I will be honest, I thought that never in my life will I ship these two especially since they are both males. But, ever since the incident with the kiss and Sasuke left the hidden leaf, I saw as Naruto was really eager to bring Sasuke back. I found it really cute. Then, I remember I was just searching on google a picture of Sasuke since he is my favorite, I found a fanart of him kissing Naruto. My friend teased me telling me that I totally ship them. I wasn't quite sure if she was right, or I was right. But, she was right. And come on, when their arms got cut off. The blood. It formed a heart. A. Barely. Heart. But, still. And, haven't any of you guys noticed that they always make this two look gay in some way.

Kishimoto probably doesn't even realize how perfect this couple is. The bond they share is something so deep that can be seen as brotherly love or romantic love and it's perfect in either way. Through the entire series we see how much they understand each other and how intimate their mutual feelings are. Don't forget that Sasuke was ready to give up on his goal to protect Naruto's life and Naruto said that he was ready to die with him. You may think this is just platonic love but certainly is more than friendship. They could be simply described as one soul divided in two bodies.

That is the couple right there. Seriously they been enemies since childhood and deep inside both of them they share a strong bond. So all of you haters better stop hating.

Ignore the thumbs downers because they are just homophobic (Ignore bad grammar please)

Sasuke was always the one that Naruto would do anything to save. He was always Naruto's number 1 motivation to become strong, and more than anything he wanted to be able to stand by Sasuke.

In a way we always knew Sasuke and Naruto loved each other but were never able to be together due to the responsibilities imposed on them. To me, that is a truely tragic story.

So imagine a story about a girl who is in love with this guy and chases him around the world to find him and bring him home to her. If it was a girl and a guy everyone would automatically go for it. But because Naruto is a man going after Sasuke, another man, the whole thing is platonic and just friends, no homo. That doesn't make sense. Naruto is literally willing to give up his dream of becoming hokage because Sasuke isn't there. He says that if he can't even bring him back that he could never be hokage. Then there's the fact that the last Naruto movie was the equivalent of a bad fanfiction in that all of a sudden Naruto was like "Oh yeah I love you" and everyone just went with it. NO! The entire show built on Sasuke and Naruto's relationship. It is sad that just because it's homosexual that it didn't happen.

Sasuke and Naruto are literally soulmates. They're each other weakness and strength. Naruto, as well as Sasuke,will have gave up their life goal for each other. Naruto was on (his side) and beside Sasuke throughout Sasuke's darkness, and he's literally the ONLY light Sasuke has. Naruto is Sasuke's savior and his one and only. During their conversation at the end of their final fight; Sasuke was ready to die, but the only reason he continued to live is because Naruto told him to. Why? Because he hurts when he sees him hurt and vice versa. And we all know if one of the them was female, there will be no other end game pairing but SASUNARU. Naruto was the only one who literally understood Sasuke, the only one who stayed with him until the end. I think it's heartwarming to realize that if one of them dies then they will wait on the other. Not their wives but each other; and they will meet again in the afterlife.

Sasuke and Naruto will always have a meaning in my heart. I was never the kind of person to ship any anime characters. The way they both bonded was so strong and pure. Naruto was Sasuke's light and everyone knew that, even Sasuke did. Sasuke and Naruto deserve to be a couple, it would have been in popular couples in all anime!

It's pretty disgusting how NaruHina is above this pairing, considering there was close to no development to support it throughout the manga before it became canon (solely so Kishimoto could give the cash cow a final squeeze before ending the series by making The Last).

Sasuke and Naruto's bond is indisputably the strongest of the entire series and is rivaled by none other, whether one chooses to see it in a platonic or romantic light. The amount of development poured into it allowed for the creation of something truly beautiful, and it is a complete shame that in the end it was all thrown away for money's sake (Kishimoto needed a new generation for Gaiden and the Boruto movie, and therefore ended up marrying his two most important and beloved protagonists to women they'd never shown any previous interest in all so they could have children and make him more cash).

! My Favourite ship ever! The only ship that was actually developed since day one. They were each other's first kiss (And Second). They both care deeply for each other before Naruto became strong.

Everybody gave up on Sasuke but Naruto didn't, if I were in Naruto's position and if I were to chase a friend, it wouldn't be to that extend. The chemistry between them is obviously more than just friendship.

I'm not even I can express my utter appreciation for this ship in words alone. I just love everything about it, the hardships it's overcome, the moments it's had (and there have been so many), and of course, the scene in the first couple episodes where they kiss. Yes, it was an accident. But I loved it.

Sasuke and naruto are the most closet homosexuals I've ever seen. - Flawsinthisworld

We all can say they'd make a cute couple. I remember in volume 1 of Naruto the "accidental" kiss wasn't meant to be accidental. The moment they kissed people started to ship them. They are rivals which makes their bonds stronger, they understand one another's pain and difficulties so ergo they know know to treat each other. They argue about stuff but that's what couples do which makes them the true otp

I've not yet gotten into the anime but I have heard and experienced good proof to hold this ship together. I knew from the moment I started Naruto that THIS WOULD BE MY SHIP. I've not yet to really get into the anime but I'm ready for all the hardcore feels heading my way, which I know this ship is going to produce

This ship makes the most since. Hell, why would you have the main character pursuing the other main character for 90% of the series with unwavering determination if they didn't have a special bond.

Yes. This is cannon. This is love and life. They are perfect for each other. Naruto never gives up and Sasuke just wants to deny his feelings but he knows he can't. They're light and dark, yin and yang, and they just are. - GoldenGoddess51299

I can believe that this is not first place. This is clearly the best couple in the anime, there bond is undeniable and they are each others motivation.

The bond that transcends all other bonds.

These two have a connection. If it weren't for the fact that homosexuality isn't approved of, I'm positive these two would be canon.

It's one of the couples that made the most sense in the movie. Sure, I like it because it's hot, but it's also my favorite pairing because of the way their relationship developed. It was awfully heart-warming to see how Naruto and Sasuke evolved and still interacted and thought about each other. (Okay, it was more Naruto who was doing that for that part.) How could Sasuke just suddenly like Sakura? His feelings for her never seemed to go very far until the last couple of episodes. Honestly, I would have thought his love was more of a love for a sister. The same goes for Hinata and Naruto, even though those two got a bit more ship moments.
Who brought Sasuke back to the village? Naruto. Who could pull the most emotions out of Sasuke? Naruto. Always Naruto. The way the two acted towards each other, they were bound to be together at the end! I'm disappointed in Kishimoto for putting Naruto and Hinata as well as Sasuke and Sakura together for the sake of money-making and/or homophobic ...more

It's pretty obvious! No need to explain myself, you can tell by just watching the anime that they're meant to be together

This shipping is the most sensible shipping ever. I mean come on they kissed. TWICE! Were bound together by their hands the 2nd time they kissed. Naruto keeps chasing after Sasuke even after Sakura said he didn't have to keep his promise. They both want someone in their life. This shipping to ME is the best especially when Sasuke is uke and Naruto is seme. I think this way because SasUKE and fox's are very dominant creatures and Kyuubi is the strongest Bijuu so yes I think it's better this way. Sorry if you don't like my opinion or way of thoughts, but please don't be rude about it. I'm not saying people HAVE to thinks this way but they DON'T I'm just simply stating my opinion so please respect that.

This is honestly the best ship in Naruto. It was built up so much between the two and they care so much for one another. I love them and I forever will.

When they kissed the same episode they were introduced as rivals was when I knew this was my biggest ship.