Best Naruto Filler Arc Characters

For the people who liked the filler arcs and movies of Naruto (exclude Shippuden).

The Top Ten

1 Menma - 2nd Final Filler Arc/episodes 213-215

This was certainly the best filler arc I have ever watched. It made me laugh and cry and feel for a character that I only had three episodes to understand. I really wish that this wasn't a filler at all because of how much they enabled you to understand a simply character in only three episodes. All in all, Menma was a loveable and fantastic character that really does deserve the number one spot as he certainly was the most memorable filler character for me, unlike most of the others.

I would have vooted foe episode 101 when they try to see kakashi's face but when I saw this I was like o yeah this one was so sad nad of coure the the land of bears/star village Natsuhiboshi!

Menma was so sad, I really liked the episodes and I wish there was more to it. I would re-watch these three episodes over and over because of how excellent and awesome they are. 5 out of 5.

since the curry of life filler wasnt here I decided to vote for this instead, menma is very interesting but dies in a sadistic way

2 Guren - Sanbi Arc

At firsts I thought she was a typical Orochimaru underling but I wound up REALLY loving her character for her redemption and the development of her relationship with Yukimaru. I couldn't help but love how she went from being annoyed at his presence alone to growing to genuinely love him and become his surrogate mother. The fact alone that he IMMEDIATELY forgave her for killing his mother and bore no ill will at all didn't love her any less was icing on the cake and seeing that she was still alive after seemingly sacrificing herself to save him and walking off to live a long happy life with him was the cherry on top.

She took on everyone in the filler, and she uses Crystal Type.
She's also one of the few bad guys in Naruto that we end up liking.

Guren theme hits hard

My favorite female character in Naruto.

3 Matsuri - Last Filler Arc/episodes 216-220

She awesome in Shippuden

Shows gaaras great character development!

4 Idate Morino - Land of Tea Arc

He was awesome and I love how he was related to a character from the manga. I hope he returns in Shippuden (haven't gotten that far yet).

5 Temujin - Naruto Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

If anything, I'd want him to actually be in the real story of Naruto.

naruto and temujin kicked ass

6 Sumaru - Land of Bears/Star Village Arc

Because of the beautiful song which follows a sad story of Sumary and his mom and dad. Natsuhiboshi.

Matsu hibushi why are you so red because I had a sad dream last night my eyes were full of tears... Mostly becase of his sad story about him Android by the way his mom is very prety this made me wana cry. Ilike most of the fillers

7 Sasame Fuma - 1st Filler Arc/episodes 136-141

Because he grabbed her boob

She has nice feet

8 Yakumo Kurama - 5th Final FIller Arc/episodes 203-207

She is good character with her similarities to rock lee.

It is the only episode where we could see more of kurenai

Yakumo was scary

9 Koyuki Kazahana - Naruto Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
10 Shibuki - Naruto: Protect the Waterfall Village

The Contenders

11 Ronmaru - The Curry of Life Arc

He's really cool

He is so cute! How come he's #11?

12 Hikaru Tsuki - Naruto Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
13 Menma Uzumaki - Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja

He's the best filler character and the most powerful also! He's the evil version of Naruto and a jinchurriki of Kyuubi. He can also fight the whole akatsuki member with his Nine Masked Beasts! He's the best filler character arc.

14 Raiga Kurosuki - Curry of Life Arc
15 Yūkimaru - Three Tails Arc

This filler arc made me cry more than some of the canon moments in the anime. guren’s character development made me tear up every time and I was surprised to find out all these episodes were filler because they were so amazing. definitely my favorite filler character(s)

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