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1 Nagato/Pain vs Naruto Uzumaki

By far the most EPIC Naruto fight so far

This fight made everyone think naruto will become hokage its true he will

Too cool. It showed that Naruto was Able to fight without the fox.

Best villain, best fight, best arc. Loved hearing about his reasoning and his plan to use tailed beasts as "superweapons" that will become deterrents to war, like real world nuclear weapons.

2 Sasuke Uchiha vs Itachi Uchiha

The fight was emotional but epic as well. It revealed lots of questions that have been asked. It was inspiring and touching and I was sad about Itachi's death though. But it was great to see my 2 favourite characters fight and Sasuke stopped hating Itachi after the fight too. Though he got another ambition..

Not drawn out like Naruto vs Pain, the build up was super great, cool jutsus and animations

The reason why I would say that this fight should be above Naruto Vs. Pain, is because buildup. Kishimoto has been hyping this fight up since we met Sasuke which was essentially the first few episodes, where he says that he only has one dream which is to kill a certain man. We find out over time that this man is Itachi. We also get a hell a ton of action in this fight, and we get introduced to the bad ass techniques of Susanoo and Kirin (want to say AMATERASU, WHICH IS MY FAVORITE TECHNIQUE, BUT WE FIRST SAW AMATERASU IN PART ONE WHERE ITACHI AND KISAME ESCAPED JIRIYIA'S TOAD MOUTH WITH SOME SUSPICIOUS BLACK FLAMES AROND THE EXIT) This fight gets even better because of the emotion in this fight. Up until the fight, we thought that Itachi was just a bad ass serial killer who massacred the whole Uchiha clan. After the fight, we find out out Itachi was actually a good guy, and that the village elders were controlling Itachi and ordered him to wipe them out. We see Sasuke who lived his ...more

The fight had a lot of action and twists, but what really made this fight notable was the emotions, the sentiment, and especially the sad ending - it made me cry :�'(

Ps. Please excuse my spelling and gramma

3 Jiraiya vs Nagato/Pain

Seriously? An awesome guy died and the battle was rated 5th?

Jiraiya was so funny and it's hard to see him go. but boy did he go out with a bang

Best awesome fight. But sad ending.. Made me cry. Jiraiya the legend in the series gone down. It is my favourite battle. As Jiraiya wanted to know the truth even when he had a chance to escape

Should be top 3 without a doubt.

4 Naruto vs Sasuke

This should be at least top 3! If we're talking all of the naruto vs sasuke fights (including their final fight) then this should be #1 no question. This is the fight between the main character followed throughout the story and his main rival/friend sasuke which is the main conflict in the story line. All the training each of them experience ultimately is to beat each other and this is their showdown. How does this not get #1 or at the very least top 3!

Naruto is the strongest but Sasuke just stole his chakra sooo their fight is going to be intense!

Should be in the top 10 at least, incredible fight with many heartbreaking and poignant moments but still managed to be full of amazing fight sequences

This should be number 1. Or at least top 3. IT WAS EPIC! IT WAS SO SAD THOUGH (Well to me).

5 Kakashi vs Obito

This was an epic, emotionally fight. I literally get chills every time I watch it. The music and the animation just make it a masterpiece. By far one of the most epic fights for me.

Just such a good fight. The best in my opinion. Barely jutsu, just a good shinobi hand to hand combat. The animation is so on point, the background story and with the music, its just masterclass. Short but spicy. couldn't ask for more

It was an amazing fight and a lot of feelings said only through their fists. Its animation was top notch and even though it was short it was so cool.

This is probably the greatest fight there was in Naruto Shippuden. It wasn't drawn out too long, everything was paced easily and the animation was spot on between the flashbacks and the present. I don't get how this isn't in the top 5.

6 Kakashi & Shikamaru vs Hidan & Kakuzu

If We're talking about the best "Shippuden" Fight, then I'll assume the best fight in the ANIME, which includes the animation factor. Naruto vs. Pain would be the best fight in PART II of the manga, but in the anime, its animations ruined everything. And Kakashi and Shikamaru vs. Hidan and Kakuzu's animations were unmatched.

The combat skills and it was the only fight that seemed like ninjas fighting other are just one powerful move after the next. Plus kakashi was there which makes it better

(SPOILER AT END) Watching Shikamaru fight is always awesome, because he's one of the show's weakest fighters in terms of just raw physical ability, but uses his intelligence and analytical skills to beat much stronger foes. This fight blew my mind. PLUS there was the emotional payoff of avenging (SPOILER ALERT) Asuma's death. Not only beat the evil Hidan, but he's forced to suffer forever in his immortality. Like, damn.

Shikamaru's thinking and deductive abilities are worth of calling him the most intelligent character (if not to mention Itachi) whose fightings are interesting to watch.

7 Sakura Haruno & Chiyo vs Sasori

Sasori vs Sakura and Chiyo is one of the most underrated fights in the series. The fight made them look like fighting ninja, not gods. This was one of the smartest battles of Shippuden. It was complex, with a lot of components, and was executed with finesse.

It showed that Sakura was more than the stereotypical bitch, now she is a bitch who can fight.

This was not only a long fight (8 episodes) but it was also sad and interesting fight. It shows flashbacks of Sasori's childhood, which made him who he is now. It always makes me feel like crying. Poor Sasori. Nobody should have to go through that. Sasori does die, but it would be incorrect to say that Sakura defeated him because she didn't. He chose to die. Chiyo even says so. In fact, Sasori would have killed Sakura for sure if it wasn't for Chiyo being there to aid her. RIP Sasori. You definitely made Naruto worth watching.

Longest fight in the Naruto Shippuuden series with a total of 8 episodes.

8 Gaara vs Lee

This was the fight that made me a hardcore Naruto fan, and cemented Lee as my second favorite character. The tense atmosphere that hangs over each moment, the "Hell Yeah" moment when Lee succeeds in hitting Gaara, the tragedy of the ending, is all why this fight deserves to be in the top 3.

This was the fight that made Rock Lee my favorite character; and now that I think about it, this fight had been in the making for the entire arc: Rock Lee, the comic relief who somehow beat Sasuke and has no ninjutsu or genjutsu, against Gaara, the guy who kills without a second thought, effortlessly, and has never been hurt. This fight was a story by itself. The tragic ending, with Lee unconscious and broken but still willing to fight, being saved by his sensei and Gaara simply walking away, even though he might have stripped Lee of his shinobi career, his DREAM, brought more than one person, myself included, to tears. Simply a work of art that deserves to be at least in the top three.

One of the best

I think this fight is beautiful for a very interesting reason. The two showcase very different sides of the spectrum, even in how they fight. Gaara completely relies on Ninjutsu, while Lee completely relies on Taijutsu. And their personalities are exact opposites. The length of the fight worked perfectly due to the combination of Lee's backstory, which is something later fights in the series lack. The most beautiful part is how the fight doesn't follow the Shonen trope of Lee pulverizing Gaara just because of willpower and all that stuff. It ends with a harsh look at reality, and sets up Gaara as a dangerous opponent. Lee couldn't land a hit, and that was really what worked.

Overall, the best fights in the series were in the Chuunin Exams, and I think this one certainly deserves higher than the fights above it. This fight had duality at its finest, and didn't rely on showcasing a new power every two seconds for the impact.

9 Kakashi vs Pain

Kakashi going down like a true bad ass, even though pain won, kakashi really showed what a real skilled shinobi he is

When they met, Pain was courteous and Kakashi was rude. The results of their fight: Pain 1, Kakashi 0

Kakashi always showing skill

Pain 1 Kakashi 0

10 Hashirama vs Madara

My god this should be in top ten, like the previous guy said, those two are gods!

Gods Are fighting not Ninjas

The battle between possibly the two most powerful ninjas.


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11 Tobi/Madara Uchiha vs Konan

Music was awesome! Konan also best female in series!

Two men with girl?

This was amazing... Konan really proved herself outdid her counterparts... Obito really should have died...

Konan fought obito...we know it but it is written Madara uchiha because obito calls himself as there it doesn't mean konan fought obito and the real madara uchiha.N it was the best fight in the anime

12 Naruto, Kakashi, Guy, The 9 Tails, and Sauske vs Madara & Obito/Tobi

This was the best battle by far. I think it is the best fight because the leaf tries to face madara and cannot seem to defeat him. Madara also kills Naruto and sasuke which in the end they kick ass with 6 paths power but I think this fight is awesome!

Such an intense and long battle! The twists and storylines are so complex and ever evolving! Number 1 or at least tied with Naruto Vs Pain. But come on, the 4 hokage reanimated?! Too legit!

This will no doubt be number one once all episdoes are complete and in English. Plot twists and its literally an 80 episode fight. The wait up to this made the fight even better. It's so great because you truly don't know how its gonna end.

The hand to hand combat scenes with Obito and his jutsu are just so badass.

13 Kisame vs Killer Bee
14 Sasuke & Itachi vs Kabuto

Loved when the brother fought beside each other. Wanted more but instead Itachi stayed his final godbyes to Sasuke!

The ending almost made me cry

Most touching fight in Shippuden

Best fight so far

15 Gaara vs. Deidara

Deidara is a love at 1st sight for me, and in this fight he is a real showstopper. Flying on his clay birds, mobilizing clay creatures that explode on command, elusive, and clever. I'm pleased that he was victorious over Gaara, and that Deidara survived this battle. A most exciting fighter.

Exciting aerial battle. Deidara swift and elusive, with clay creatures and explosions, and Gaara commanding the sand!

I would like this fight a lot more if Gaara won but he put up a great fight he would of won if it weren't for the Sand Village and at least Gaara was shown

Great fight! Gaara's sand shield will block Deidara's C3 Ohako! Even though some of the village people hated him, Gaara put up a good fight while protecting the village from giant nukes! And in the end, he still used his chakra and put effort to erase the sand covering the village.

16 Might Guy Gate of Death vs Madara Uchiha 10 Tails Jinchuriki

This battle is very short and straightforward by Naruto standards, having a distinctly different feeling too. The Inner Gates technique was introduced as early as during the chunin exams arc, and here we finally saw it full power, with Kakashi admitting himself weaker than his rival and Gaara watching with eyes wide open, understanding how close he was to be killed in that famous fight. Guy was used as a comic relief as much as a fearsome jonin, but seeing him sport one last winning smile, sacrificing his life with no second thoughts and proceeding to brutalize the god Madara has become was easily one of the most epic moments of Naruto.

The battle was cheapened a bit by Naruto saving Guy and Madara regenerating the fatal wounds in a second. That added nothing to the story.

He doesn't have a some kind of special eye or some deus ex machina power up from some one. He is the pure form of dedication and hard working. He is the most powerful character of naruto.

Must be on Top 10! Gai went full bad ass on this fight. Also love the Gai Story

It should be on the top 10!

17 Sasuke vs Deidara and Tobi

A showcase for Deidara with his incomparable skills and striking appearance. A pity that it ended so badly.

That look on Deidara's face!

Sasuke used hi brains for frist time

18 Asuma Sarutobi vs Hidan

People seem to forget about the great emotions behind this fight, and the animations in this fight was quite cool, the most emotional and thrilling fight in my opinion!

It's still too soon to talk about it

Nah this fights to emanational to watch

19 Sasuke vs Danzo

DANZO is One of my favorite characters, he's very complicated and the Fight between him and Sasuke is One Of The Greatest FIGHTS In Naruto Shippuuden!

This is one of the most clever fights in the series. This fight proves that there is at least one guy who is as intelligent as Shikamaru: Sasuke. I waited for this fight for long since Itachi died. This one basically established Sasuke as a power to be reckoned with and killed one of the filthy characters of the show: Danzo.

Awesome skills! Danzo show what he can do!

Key battle between the man who SPOILER ALERT... forced itachi to kill the uchiha clan vs the survivor

20 Guy vs Kisame

Getting to see guy open the 6th gate was epic

21 5 Kage vs Madara Uchiha

This was truly the fight that showed how powerful mascara truly is. And the fact The he wasn't even going full power until the very end made this guy even crazier! Top 5 at least

This battle is awesome, and it shows that even though the Hidden Villages have had their struggels, the Kage can work together, and put up an awesome fight.

My favorite fight is Madara Uchiha vs 5 kage


22 Sasuke Uchiha vs Deidara

The fight was ok, but I have always hoped Deidara would kill Sasuke's ugly and overrated ass. I hate him with a passion.

After all art is a BLAST

Best last words of both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (Not including reanimation)

Deidara was the best he should have won that fight but I was satisfied with it I meen ART IS AN EXPLOSION

23 Naruto Uzumaki vs Kakuzu

One of the Best Plot Armor in the series
Including Obito, Pain, Neji, Gaara & all

I rooted for Kakuzu. Didn't give a hoot about Naruto.

All naruto really does in this fight is use around 9 shadow clones and used Rasen-shuriken twice.

Bro you the man

24 Might Guy vs Madara Uchiha

Seriously this fight is epic much better than pain vs naruto because in that pain didn't want to kill Naruto he had to capture him alive otherwise Naruto would be dead for sure. But I is legendary guy shows fluid ultimate power and even though he almost does the fight was a fight to death salute to guy in using his eight gate he knew it was absolutely necessary and even madara acknowledged his power by calling guy the best there was no chance madara could even land an attack due to guy's speed

Might guy beat the crap out of Madara Uchiha with the 8th gates gate of death the night guy

The most epic battle of Fourth Shinobi world war!...The only battle with Madara in the war in whuch he actually his ribs cracked! Man! Might guy seriously kicked Madara's ass...and Madara actually accepted the fact! lolz!

During the war I think this was but anyways when guy opened the eighth gate that was just insanneee

25 Minato vs Tobi & Kyuubi

This battle was worth top three ratings

Definitely in my top 3 favorite fights

This got to be in the top 10!

It wasn't tobi it was obito uchiha and kyuubi's name is kurama

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