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21 Might Guy Gate of Death vs Madara Uchiha 10 Tails Jinchuriki

Definitely top 20.

Just bad ass... this dude was truly kakashi rivel

22 Kakashi vs Pain

When they met, Pain was courteous and Kakashi was rude. The results of their fight: Pain 1, Kakashi 0

Kakashi going down like a true bad ass, even though pain won, kakashi really showed what a real skilled shinobi he is

Kakashi always showing skill

Pain 1 Kakashi 0

23 Madara vs Shinobi World

How tough was it for hashirama to fight this unstoppable foe madara is too powerful + he was just trying out new jutsu after jutsu even though he could have destroyed earth itself

The title is enough

This just shows how badass madara is
Madara Uchiha=the ultimate ass kicker + indestructible

Madara you crazy guy his name is power itself
I like when someone who is fighting alone to a great man army that's amazing he is best powerfullest ninja ever in Naruto universe man he is beast love him

24 Hashirama vs Madara

My god this should be in top ten, like the previous guy said, those two are gods!

The battle between possibly the two most powerful ninjas.

Gods Are fighting not Ninjas

Come on this made the forth ninja war guys. really # ya"ll gots to be kidding

25 Gaara vs. Deidara

Deidara is a love at 1st sight for me, and in this fight he is a real showstopper. Flying on his clay birds, mobilizing clay creatures that explode on command, elusive, and clever. I'm pleased that he was victorious over Gaara, and that Deidara survived this battle. A most exciting fighter. - Crwth

Exciting aerial battle. Deidara swift and elusive, with clay creatures and explosions, and Gaara commanding the sand!

I would like this fight a lot more if Gaara won but he put up a great fight he would of won if it weren't for the Sand Village and at least Gaara was shown

Great fight! Gaara's sand shield will block Deidara's C3 Ohako! Even though some of the village people hated him, Gaara put up a good fight while protecting the village from giant nukes! And in the end, he still used his chakra and put effort to erase the sand covering the village.

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26 Might Guy vs Madara Uchiha

Seriously this fight is epic much better than pain vs naruto because in that pain didn't want to kill Naruto he had to capture him alive otherwise Naruto would be dead for sure. But I is legendary guy shows fluid ultimate power and even though he almost does the fight was a fight to death salute to guy in using his eight gate he knew it was absolutely necessary and even madara acknowledged his power by calling guy the best there was no chance madara could even land an attack due to guy's speed

Might guy beat the crap out of Madara Uchiha with the 8th gates gate of death the night guy

The most epic battle of Fourth Shinobi world war!...The only battle with Madara in the war in whuch he actually his ribs cracked! Man! Might guy seriously kicked Madara's ass...and Madara actually accepted the fact! lolz!

During the war I think this was but anyways when guy opened the eighth gate that was just insanneee

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27 Naruto vs Neji

Had a lot of meaning

Naruto defeats neji through sheer willpower

Naruto's first fight where all the people get a glimpse of his true power.

This was one of the best fights for me where Naruto uses his kyuubi mode

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28 Lee (Drunk) vs Kimimaro

I think it deserves to be added :D It isn't the most thrilling, nor the most emotional, but it is one of the funniest fights ever! The part where Lee pretended to sleep twice...had me tearing up in laughter

29 Naruto vs Sakura

Shippuden Naruto can kill Sakura in his sleep

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30 Naruto vs Kyubi

This was a one-sided fight the Ninetails literally just did 3 attacks. One of the attacks he attacks a few Shadow Clones and the other two were the Tailed Beast Ball and he didn't even get to fire one of them.

31 Naruto, Jiraiya, Tsunade vs Orochimaru, Kabuto

Orochimaru is so strong he can take on two of the Legendary Sannin while his arms are sealed

Jirayia couldv'e killed Orochimaru easily. He didn't use sage mode or summon the other massive toads.

32 Naruto vs Gaara

Naruto summoning the giant frog which amazed sasuke... I liked it

This fight was one of the best I'm surprised it's this low

The ending bit where he punched gaara was cool

33 Sasuke vs The Five Kages

Against all of the kages! Raikage sacrificed his left arm, Gaara used sand bullets things, Mizukage was melting Sasuke's skin and Tsuchikage even used an ultimate jutsu that can kill people instantly! Even Gaara and Raikage's bodyguards got into the fight along with Sasuke's team taka (suigetsu and Jugo) But the real fun part comes after that. Sasuke only has to concentrate on Danzo that time, which made it more interesting because karin and tobi didn't really help much.

That battle was EXTREME! Sasuke almost blinded himself in that fight.

Very under rated this is the first battle where the other Kage were involved and all their just I and sasukes were awesome. Also it revealed many things at the resolution of the fight

Sasuke took Kage after Kage how can you not like this fight

34 Kaguya Ă•tsutsuki vs Obito and Team 7 (Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake)

The best teamwork of team 7. I even forgot that Sasuke has the amenojikara thing or whatever its called (the move where he can teleport) I was like what just happened when I saw it in the manga but I understand it now. The best battle of team 7 with the best teamwork!

Naruto and Sasuke kicked Kaguya's ass with a little help from Kakashi

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35 Kakashi vs. Zabuza

This was team 7's first real fight

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36 Yugao vs Hayate

In my opinion this is the most emontial fight and is one of the best it has good a good backstory and is enjoyable

37 Orochimaru vs Naruto

Four tails really is strong but its ultimate jutsu (beast bomb) can't get through 3 gigantic shields (rashomon)

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38 Naruto, B, Kakashi, Guy and Kuruma vs Obito, the two tails, three tails, four tails, sixth tails, and seven tails

Kurama + Naruto? Gotta love that.

39 Kakashi Hatake vs Naruto & Sakura
40 Madara vs 1st Hokage Hashirama

They cut so much out of the anime version, that this battle was completely forgotten in the manga. They only showed bits and pieces in flashbacks, until finally, the decided to cut the best parts and skip right to the showdown with madara's death. This battle rivals the Pain vs Naruto fight! You'd be surprised by reading thr manga to find out how awesome this fight was!

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