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41 Guy vs Kisame
42 Yugao vs Hayate

In my opinion this is the most emontial fight and is one of the best it has good a good backstory and is enjoyable

43 Shikamaru vs Hidan
44 Minato vs Madara
45 Rock Lee vs Shinra

Even for a filler fight, deserves to be much higher

46 Naruto vs Kurama
47 Itachi and Nagato vs Naruto and Bee
48 Naruto and Sasuke vs Ten Tails Jinchuuriki

This Fight has the Best teamwork between Naruto and Sasuke

This fight is exellent in all

Which ten-tails Jinchuricki? Obito or Madara? doesn't matter, they were good and their powers were even!

49 Team Guy vs Team Ajisai

It was in the chunin exams when ten ten and ajisay fell underground while the others try to get them out

50 Naruto vs Guy
51 Kisame vs Killer Bee
52 Hinata vs Pain

It is one of the most emotional fights from the Naruto series. Seeing that Naruto is put down by Pain, Hinata comes into help, even if she had an interdiction of doing so. Once more, Hinata's guts to never give up show up in a fight with one of the most powerful Akatsuki.

Wasn't much of a fight since she's sent flying to the sky the minute she activates her power (can't blame her since it was against Pain). The anime just made it longer and more dramatic for those Hinata fans

This fight was what cemented to final nail in the coffin for Hinata's love story to Naruto. It had the right emotional drive and great action.

...was this even a fight...? I'm honestly not even sure because in the manga Pain sent her flying the moment she said she loved Naruto (there's a time and place for everything, Hinata, and that was not the time) and in the anime she just broke a few rods. That really didn't do anything, she should've at least tried to pull them out, because if she lasted longer she would have just broken the rods until she broke Naruto's hands, which really would've helped him, right?


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53 Kabuto vs Team Kakashi (Yamato, Sai, Naruto & Sakura) V 1 Comment
54 Tsunade vs Orochimaru

I love watching tsunade as she kicked orochimaru's butt

Specially the end bit when she punched Orochimaru to oblivion.

Cmoon guys the legendary sanin fight was one of the greatest. I don't believe it's not one of the top ten

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